Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, I am spending New Years in Mesquite Nevada. The drive here was beautiful. Went out last night--uh didn't do to well, so came home and took a bubble bath! hee hee, love that jacuzzi tub!
Going to try and try other things like shopping, walking around, stay out of the casinos--at least until tonight, lol.

We left ds at my moms, already miss the little booger. :D
Well, that's all for now, Hope you all have a wonderful new year!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Navitity.

Found this on Utube, just love it. Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

So, are you ready for Christmas?

I think I am. Of coarse, just when you think you are done, you remember something else.

Dh stole my fuzzy white and my fuzzy black socks. I went to put on my black ones tonight, to wear them to work, and they were gone. I asked him if he saw them, and he said "uh, you mean these?" as he lifts up his jean pants. So I guess I should go buy him some girly fuzzy socks and put them in his stocking, so I can have mine back, lol.

Working tonight, and tomorrow, then going to a Christmas party on Sat.
I am off Christmas eve and day, so yay! I go back for 3 days the day after Christmas, then we are off to Mesquite for New years! We just enjoy going to the casinos for new years-- would be nice to win to. :D

Well, I have some pics to post, but can't do it from here, so probably won't get done until sunday, lol.
Hope your having a stress free week!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Christmas House!

Well, the pics are a little dark, but this is my living room, all decorated for christmas!! Almost all of the bulbs on the tree are hand made, or hand decorated anyway. I have an exchange every year with 12 ladies, we do 12 decorations, and we all swap, so you come home with 12 different ornaments. We have done this for about 5 years now, so my tree is finally getting to where nothing is actually store bought, lol. Anyway, I love my living room, entry, and sitting room, it's so fun! More later, gotta go now.

Friday, November 30, 2007

ok, i Must be pmsing

I just feel really hurt right now by someone who I thought was my friend. I don't want to go into alot of detail right now, but I just fell very dismayed by someone I thought I knew. Turns out I guess I really didn't know her. :(

ON another note, I did just complete 20 christmas bulbs for a party sunday! They came out so pretty, I will try and get a picture tomorrow. I used the reinker/glitter thing in the clear bulbs. so pretty. Now I gotta do 4 dozen cookies- 4 different kinds, so anyone have any ideas?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday- a day off!

Well, this is my normal weekend to work, but they switched my schedule around a bit to accomdate the holiday.
Kinda glad, it is nice to work only 3 days, and have a couple off, then work 3. Don't want to do it all the time, I enjoy the week on week off to much. :D Especially when you work nights-- it takes a day to recover when your off.

So even thought I was off today, I had to go back to the hospital, because my mom is a patient. Her electrolytes are all off, and it was causeing heart papations, and a rythym called atrial fibrilation. Sigh, It is so worrisome when your parents are getting older, and having health problems. She is doing ok, she may come home monday if they can get her lytes back to normal.

Tomorrow we are going to pull out all the christmas decorations and decorate. I was dreading it, but now I am kinda excited-- maybe this cymbalta is kicking in! :D

I joined the biggest loser challenge at creativexpress. Kind of fun, we all send in 10 bucks, and who ever loses the most percentage of weight by jan. 1st wins the pot. I had went to the Dr. 3 weeks ago, and he upped my thyroid-- I aven't changed my eating habits, but in spite, I have lost 12 pounds! FINALLY! I gained 50 freaken pounds when my thyroid took a dump, and it has been 3 years trying to regulate the meds to catch up. never could get it theraputic, cause they increase it ever so slow. Well, i finally see my real dr., not the PA, or a sub, and he ups it to where it should probaby should be. Now I am finally losing. I feel like I might have an unfair advantage, lol, cause if I TRY to lose along with a working thyroid, then I may lose a ton. :D I don't care about winning, I am just glad some of this weight will come off. :D

Well, haven't really scrapped, so I can't share any creations this month. I am going to bring my cricut to work, and we are going to decorate the door for a door deco contest-- should be fun. I will take a pic when we are done, maybe next week- or the week after.

Getting into the christmas spirt, but haven't shopped yet. Any ideas for a 9 year old boy? Taht don't cost over 100 bucks? Everything Brad wants is expensive-- I need to figure out a limit.

Well, gotta go for now. :d

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bored Bored, Bored.

oi vey, today was so boring. Didn't feel like doing a darn thing! Dh was no help, Mr. Sunshine, who usually is on the go and a go get em, decided today was a good day to veg in front of the TV.

So I thought I would scrap. Well, I did one page, and called it good. Didn't feel like doing any more, even though I had the time-- can you believe it?

Took dh out to dinner tonight for his birthday-- got a nice surprize. It seems the people behind us knew me, and paid for our drinks. They left before I even knew who it was! How thoughtful. I have no clue if it is someone I work with, or what, but that was really sweet of them.-Nothing going on- I have to work wed. night, and thurs night, so dh and ds will go to my parents for dinner, and I will have dinner at work. at least they feed us for free that night. :D

I do need to mail some things off, but other than that- nothing scrappy wise going on.

OH, I did find out that my online friend Jeanne started her own website. It is invite only, and uh, I didn't get one. So I guess I am not as good as friend as I thought. :0. I don't know what the deal is, she is mad about something at scrapbookplayground, but I am still not sure what. Another member said she didn't get some RAK given by another DT member-- not even SBP, and somehow, jeanne got into it? Posted on the board about it. The thing was, is the RAK was sent out, the gal said she didn't get it, and asked the person giving the RAK for not only the RAK, but something extra because she had to wait for the RAK. UM, RAK is just a gift out of kindness--I think it is rude to ask for more. Anyway, said DT member sent out another RAK to the person,l but Jeanne got all upset because people asked why she was even involved. I dunno-- that is what I gathered-- but there are 2 sides to every story.

So anyway, Jeanne started a new board, and is trying to take all the people who frequent SBP to it. pettyiness. I don't get it. SBP and Wendi the owner has always ried to be fair, and very generous with prizes. Lots of people want something for nothing, I guess.

Oh well, I am just rambling now, and I think I will just go to bed. :D

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

OH Yeouch--Where have I been?

Gosh, I haven't updated in like forever huh?
Probably because I live a boring life, and don't have a whole heck of a lot to say. :D

Well, I finally got my new car-- 2008 Ford Escape. I guess I should go take a picture of it, and do a layout. ;) I still need to sell my PT Cruiser- it is a matter of getting off my butt and putting an ad in the paper.

I got a rise at work! Whhoo hoo, it totals out to be about 3.00 an hour-- hey that will make my truck payment now. :D

I went to the DR. and got myself on Cymbalta. I have taken it for about a week, I really don't notice much difference except I am requiring more sleep. hmmmm, like I have time for that. Really, I need like at least 8 hours a night, and I have even taken a nap inbetween for like an hour. Seriously cutting into my free time.

I go back to work tomorrow for another week on straight. I sure do dread these-- but the week off makes it worth it- especially when you do nights- it takes a full day to recover, so I would rather only revcover once a week instead of more.

My Nephew had a baby a couple of weeks ago. He got to come home from Iraq for 10 days when the baby was born. He is back now, praying that he stays safe. But that means---- BABY PICTURES!!! whoo hoo!! :D OK, I did a couple of layouts, but seriously, my Neice in law is going to have to be on the stick more, and take more pics, lol. Here a are a few I did.

Baby pics are just so much fun! The fancy pants calandar is my favorite, lol.

Well, we have a new addition too-- Holly. She really isa sweet dog, she is already leash trained, and will sit when you tell her. She loves chew toys, and likes to stay close. Brad is so set that this will be "his dog". He is so afraid that the dog will like dh better, lol. (Daisey was definately dh's dog) So he has been feeding her, and playing with her-- alot. She does like to follow him around when he is home, otherwise she sticks close to me. here is a layout I did- this was on a visit to the pound before we were able to take her home.

Well, day before yesterday I spent the better part of the day organizing my layouts into albums. I have not done this since 2004!!!! can you believe it? I had stacks all over the place, in the closet, in 3 ring binders, blah blah blah. So I got them all in albums except for 3. I have to go to hobby lobby now and get some post extenders so I can get those together before they end up all over, lol. Maybe I should go do that now-- that and get the licence plate for my car. gotta get moving!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ghost Letters

So I was unwraping one of my new cricut cartridges the other day, and thought (aside from trying not to cut myself ripping into it) that this is the same stuff ghost letters are made from. So, I saved the 2 biggest flat peices, and popped them into my cricut machine.
Worked like a charm! The letters are cut with the scrapbook plantin and the clear tag the doggie is on is cut with paper pups. Now I kow what to do with that annoying bubble overwrap stuff. hmmmmm, need to find some more. :D

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

ROCKIES did it!

They did it! 1st time in 15 years of playing, they made it to the world series.
I remember when we lived in California, all the excitment surrounding the dodgers when they would make it to the WS. Since we moved here, of coarse we had to have a new favorite team, only this club was so new-- they paid squat. So they got mostly rookies to play.

Well, times are changing! They have a terrific team this year, and they have won the last 21 games straight! I hope they can do this in the WS, they will then take the record for most games won in a row. :D

I would love to go see the WS game, but for the last 2 weeks--tickets have been around 600.00. Um, no, I think I will watch the game on TV for that price, lol. It isn't even the ball clubs fault, they presell the tickets, and people scalp them. And it is legal to scalp here, as long as you don't do it in Denver.

Well, I have been at work, sneaking into patient rooms, trying to watch at least part of tonights game. Just wanted to post real quick on my break here, cause it is exciting round these parts, lol.
I walked outsite, and could hear the hoop and hollaring on the main drag, people lighting off fireworks--hopefully we won't see any of them in the ER tonight. :D

Monday, October 08, 2007

I want to Travel.

one of my best friends in college, whom I have not seen in about 15 years just sent me a slide show of their vacation. They went to Europe! Oh, it looked like so much fun, and her pictures were awesome!! If it were not a slideshow, I would probably scrap them, lol. I want to go on a vacation like that!
We want to go to Hawaii next year, but not sure if we can make it, cause we want to go to a family reunion in yellowstone this year too. decisions, decisions. :D

We got a new puppy the other day, but we can't take her home until she is finished with herleash for life training program, oct. 22nd. We have gone to visit her a couple of times, and I always forget my camera! so we go today, and I got my camera, and they are closed!!! Something about Columbous day--who knew? :D

In other news, I am out of the bad girls contest. I didn't make the cut last week. :( I don't mind, but I will say (in my oh not so humble opinion, lol) that I thought my layout was better than a lot of the ones who did make it. NOt that it was great or anything, but better than some of the others. Oh well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. :D It isn't my best work, I only had half of one night to work on it due to my work schedule. sa la vie. :(
Well, gotta go get some dinner on-- here is my losing layout. :D

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Friday Night and I ain't got nobody

Remember that song? I am actually on my lunch here at work, tired, didn't get good sleep today. It has been pretty busy tonight, but I am taking my break! :D

Guess what? I ordered a cricut expression machine! whoo hoo, I am so excited to get it! It should arrive tomorrow. AND II may already have my lil bug sold, but I am sad, cause I really don't want to pay 89.00 for a new george cartridge, and I will barely make 25.00 off the thing then-- maybe I should just list it on ebay, and not settle for less than 80.00 without the george? oh, decisions decisions.

Can't wait to cut chipboard with the new one though- and oh my, I am gonna love that accents cartridge!

Nothing great going on in the home front, brad has been a little sassy lately. I told him he disapointed me yesterday, and that made him cry. I felt bad, but man the boy needs to concentrate. John is going to take him to the Dr. on monday, and get him back on his medication for ADHD. We have had a teacher conference already, he just can't concentrate, he goofs off, she has had to put his desk facing the wall with his back to the other children in an effort to have him concentrate! I had the meds, but I also want my sweet boy who listens, and pays attention.:D

Well, I better get back to work, hopefully, more later.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Friday the 21st. I worked last night, I must sleep all day, so I can work tongiht- and ds is out of school today. Hopefully he won't come in my bedroom every 5 minutes to ask me a quick question. ;D Kids, they just don't get it. I have to threaten him with his life not to wake me!

No scrappy time this week, until after the weekend. :(

We plan on going up on the mesa tomorrow-- I so hope the colors have changed so I can get some pretty fall pictures. It is usually the 3rd week in sept. so we will see. Last year, it snowed before the colors changed, so it went from summer to winter! I was so irritated. :p

ok, just killin a bit of time before bed. they will post a new assignment on today, but I don't know if I made it into the next round yet or not-- hope so!! guess I will find out when I get up. night!~

Monday, September 17, 2007

Never been so scared in all my life!

Tonight, I have been in tears, my heart had that lead thump in it, and I was crying.
Ds was missing. He came in at 6pm and said "Mom, I am going riding with conner" meaning he was going to ride his bike. "OK, be back in 1 hour, by 7" "OK"

7 comes, no brad. ok, he is in trouble, it is still light out, but he probably lost track of time. 7:30. no brad. OK, now he is on restriction, and in even bigger trouble. Call conners house. "Is brad over there?" "No, I haven't seen him, I think they went to brians" ok, call Brians. "Is Bradley over there?" "no, he and Brian went out riding their bikes" OK, he is in BIG trouble. Now it is 8pm. I think, ok, I am going to go look for him. I get in the car, and start. Conners mom calls. "I can't find them, conner is with them. Brian is home, and he doesn't know where they are" WHAT? I just talked to Brians house, Brian was with them. ????

Ask Brian-- No, I left them an hour ago, I was tired, they were riding by the park.

Now brad knows he better not go out of the irish walk neighborhood, and the park is on the edge, and is pushing it. I go to the park. No kids. Then I find out another kid is with them-- Kristi-- and Kristi's grandma is in tears, out looking for them. This is ridiculous. It is dark now.

Brad never stays out past dark. He KNOWS he BETTER be in before dark. I am getting worried. I am calling 911.

911 takes FOREVER in getting info, before they even dispatch. I am driving, talking to 911. I see Connie. "connie anything?" nope. and Conner is scared after dark, he just won't stay out after dark. 8:30. Still on the phone to the Sherrif's dept. OK, they have cars out looking. one came to the house, and asked all the same info as 911. sheesh-- I could be looking- can't you ask dispatch?

driving driving driving-- nothing. Getting more worried, making deals with God. PLEASE let him be ok. I won't be mad, just let him be ok. Where could he be? Where could they all be? Why has no one found them? We have conners mom, Kristy's grandma, conners brother (older) and myself out driving the neighborhood.

10 minutes until 9pm, I pass 3 sheriff cars parked about 3 blocks from my house all in a row, in front of the new construction going on. WHAT?? WHY ARE THEY NOT OUT LOOKING FOR MY SON? (oh by the way, he is 9 years old). So I stop, and out behind one of the sheriff comes bradley. I just start bawling.

OK, where has he been?

Well, I guess, they were out riding the dirt hills where the new construction happens. All of the builders have gone home for the day. They hear banging in one of the houses, and then someone looks out the "non window" (a hole is there, but no window yet) They all 3 get scared, and run to the house being built across the street, and hide in the back yard behind a mound of dirt.

There they sat, afraid to come out for over 2 hours. They were afraid the person in the other house was going to kidnapp them, so they hid, and were to afraid to come out. When the sheriff shined the spotlights into the dirt hills, they saw that it was the cops, so they all came out running to them.

So almost 9pm, 2 hours late for curfew, they find him. I pull over to ask the sheriff if they knew anything yet, and a bawling bradley is standing there, telling me how scared he was.

So do I punish him? I feel like I should, and yet I shouldn't. If it WAS a dangerous situation, he did good, but how did they think they were going to get home?
Frankly I am just so relieved he is home. he is covered in mud from where they hid, but I am just relieved.

Hug your babies.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Sundays - Wild Horses

here is a little tribute to the wild horses.

wild horses

BLM are going to sell off the wild horses here. It really makes me sad. Grand Junction (my town) and the little bookcliffs are only one of 3 places in the entire united states that has a place specifically for wild horses. It is protected. IT is soooo beautiful!!!! Here is a website that tells a bit about it.

ok, so they have these beautiful horses, and I saw on the news last night that the blm is going to be auctioning off some of them to control the population. I read somewhere that that is bogus= it is because some of the local farmers that let their cows range on blm land are afraid there will not be enough grazing land for their cows (they pay BLM) if there are to many horses.

I need to get up on the garfield and get some pictures before they are half gone. :(

I think BLM just found another way to make money. It would be different if the monies were used to help support the protection of the horses, but alais, it is not.

(hey, what is to prevent anyone from going up there and just "taking" a horse? ) I am sure that has happened before, I dunno. I am just sad, that this little bit of nature near me is being sold off to make money for the blm. (ok, I am just rambling, lol) anyway--

not alot going on this sunday night, but the horses were on my mind. beautiful, just beautiful.
So, I guess if you want a wild horse, you can come here and pick yourself one up.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I am feeling much better today, although I still have some reminants of this darn cold left over. I hate being sick! (well, I can't actually think of a single person that enjoys it, lol)

Anyway, I am supposed to go over to my girlfriends house today as she is having a yard sale. dh didn't load up the freezer we have for sale, even though I asked him to yesterday, and he said he would. Now he is in denver, and I just don't think it is something I can do on my own.

I made it to the next round on in their designer class contest. So much fun! ok, so we have only gone one round so far, but hey-- one week at a time, right? Here is my layout for this week, it is on texture and dimension. Maybe I should have taken a picture of this layout instead of scanning it, it just looks so flat, but it really isn't. anywho, it is done.
I am anxiously awaiting the new instructions from my DT at Just love it over there! People are so nice, the DT is great, and CX is so fun to work with! We had a month off to pick the new DT, and I am getting ansy, lol.
ok, off to the shower, so I can actually get something done today!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sick as a dog today. :(

ds was sick yesterday, and I woke up to what felt like a mack truck ran me over. I have slept most of the day, sore throat, cough that hurt in the chest when you cough, and that all over achey feeling. I hate being sick! I hate calling into work too, I called in tonight, first time in over a year. :(

I did scrap a layout lastnight, of the concert. Only took a minute, it was so easy with this fun rock star paper.

so here it is, and I am going back to bed.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Went to Rock Jam last night

Whoo Hoo! so much fun! ds was mad at me cause we wouldn't take him with. I just can't see trying to keep track of him amognst 50,000 people, just wouldn't work.

now there was a long list of players, but I only went to see Styx, Foreigner, and Def Leppard. They were all really good, but I think the best was Foreigner== they were not the headliner, so they didn't play as long as I would have liked, but oh man!

Talk about a blast from the past. :D

I will post pictures tomorrow. Had such a great time. Went with some friends from Utah, I so enjoyed their visit! They came out for the weekend, and I just loved it, I haven't had company like that in ages.

Getting out of the parking lot was a bit of an ordeal, we sat in complete gridlock for over 45 minutes. didn't get that. some people were 4 wheelin it over the dunes, and to the freeway, without an onramp-- I was almost ready to.

so more later! :d

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Breathe, breathe YES!!

I am so very happy because I made the creativexpress team again this year. This is such a fun place to work for, I just heart it.

I am sad to se a couple of my team mates go though-- Dee, Teri, Kori, and Tammy, if your reading, I will miss you girlfriends!!!!

This layout is one I did for a AAM swap with the team. Such great memories. :D

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I am still here. :D

So, Tomorrow is the call for the Creative Express Design Team. I am so nervous, yet excited at the same time! I so want to continue on this team. NOw I know, the current DT has and "in" only because CX already "knows" them. Now that can be good or bad. If you did your work, turned it in on time, and were following the rules, history dictates you should be on the "in list". I am so nervous! It is not for sure though!!!!

On another note, I have company coming this weekend I am trying to get ready for. eek! gotta do a bit of deep cleaning!! :D

We are going to a really cool concert this weekend-- I so can't wait!!!! Wanna know who is playing?

I haven't been to a concert for about 3 years, and even then it was a small one. But the groups playing here, I used to see in my early 20's (hey, I WAS a real partyer-- and used to get lots of back stage passes to party with vrious groups) (you have to have an "in") and these were the groups of my day. now I have grown up quite a bit, and really have no interest in partying with them, like I used to, but I still want to see them! anyway, here is the roster-- Aren't you jealous?

Should be a fun weekend, and a blast to the past. I plan on taking tons of pics. :D

Here is a layout I did for Scrapbook playgound paper trunk is sponsoring us this month-- I am trying to get a little more "visual" here on the old blog-- thanks for looking at it! :D

Oh, and I did try out for Octobwer Afternoon DT, guess I didn't make the cut-- so sad. I rarely try out for these things, cause only the most "well known" scrappers seem to make them-- maybe if I were to submit to some magazines, I would stand a chance. :D But I am to lazy for that-- can't seem to get enough done to do that, not to mention the fact I scrap the current season, not 6 months behind-- sooo. sigh, oh well.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oh Yay

Today I get to see my loveable 9 year old. I haven't really "seen" him in almost 3 weeks! 3 weeks ago, I was on a work stretch and my mom took him. Then my sister wanted him for a couple of weeks before school started. (She lives 6 hours away) So he went there, and I couldn't see him on my 8 days off. It was really lonely. He came home saturday, and I saw him for maybe 10 minutes at my friends-- they were having a BBQ, and my parents went to it, I stopped in before work. (on another 6 day stretch). Then yesterday, my dad brought my car to me (it had a flat at work, and he fixed it for me, and drove it back to my house, he is so sweet) and Brad came in for 5 minutes to say hi to the dog. (uh, remember me, your mother?)
So last night was my last night on my work stretch, and now I am off for 8 days-- yippee! I really missed him!!!!

Dh is in California doing some work for his sister. She is paying really well, and he gets a good visit out of it, but man-- we need him! I don't like shipping off ds to grandma's, he wants to be home, I had to mow the lawn (horrors) and ended up with 2 blisters to boot. So I guess I kind of miss him too. :D
It will be worth it when he gets home. ;)
So anyway, dh doesn't come home until next monday, he has been gone since august 2nd. I sure miss my little boy though, can't wait for him to get out of school today!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

So I was talking with a co-worker last night

and we were talking about depression, or not necessarily depression, but the lack of motivation we feel to do anything. That is me right now. That was her a month ago. She went and got some cymbaltya, (or how ever you spell it) and she said "now i go out on the patio in the morning, and drink my coffee, the world is wonderful" She no longer has those days where you just would rather spend them in bed (me) and has ambition to get things done. I think I must try this! I hate meds-- I have trouble taking my thyroid every day because I am just not a pill taker, but I am thinking, I need to do something. :D

On another note, I did 2 layouts for my dt CX, and loved one, hated the other! why can you scrap a really great page, and turn around and scrap a crappy one after it? I guess I only have enough muse for one, lol. Here is the one I did for this months assignment-- (shhhhh, sneak peak, lol)

And here is another one I really really liked, but it was a total case layout-- but I am not submitting it anywhere, so who cares?

The blue one is for my dt, the pink for me. :D

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The scrappy world-- don't steal.

ok, I am a very outspoken person. Two of my friends (that I know of, there is probably more) had their scrappy images down right stolen off their blogs, and uploaded into a DT gallery , claiming it was her own work. Now I have taken it upon myself to expose this lady. Is that bad? Other people knew it, but no one wants to say anything for some reason. Not me, I will call you out. Does that make me a bitch?

I am really a kind person that believes everything you tell me unless there is something to the contrarey. (see pervious post on blog) but if I feel passionate about something, I can blurt things out, ad people may take them the wrong way-- but do know I do have a kind heart, lol.

ok, back to the topic at hand. I just don't understand these people. why do they do it? "Steal" other peoples work? I don't get it. Here is a post I posted on 2peas (cause I know lots of people go there-- and I am sure there are others besides these 2), so tell me what you think-- did I step over the line cause it wasn't my work? These are my fellow DT friends, and I just heart them. :D Oh, and I posted at the giraffe site too, but I am sure they will delete it.
Here is the link.

Rockin Girl Blogger

ok, Lisa Peppers tagged me, so I will post, and then go find some people to tag. :D If you have been tagged, here are the rules:
Here's the deal: post the rules,1. each person tagged must post 8 random(... hopefully interesting) facts about themselves2. those tagged should write a blog post of these facts3. at the end of the post, 8 more bloggers are tagged and named4. go to their blog and leave a comment telling them they're tagged.So here it goes.

Random Facts:

1. I am very loud. Sometimes I have to catch myself, and tone my voice down if I get to excited. I was the only one in the 2nd grade play that didn't need a microphone for the play. (yep, loud as a kid too) ;D

2. I had a gastric bypass in 2001. Now you would never know it to look at me, lol, I lost weight, but have gained most of it back. I wouldn't reccomend it for anyone unless you are over 500 pounds. I now have problems with a burned out thyroid (I think it is because my body was in starvation mode for so long) I am anemic (can't absorb iron as well) I am latose intolerant (bypass again), and sometimes after I eat, I just don't feel good. all directly related. And I am still fat-- life is not fair!!

3. I sometimes regret my career decision. It can be very stressful sometimes

4. Along those same lines, sometimes I feel like quitting my job I have now, and just go back to bedside nursing- but I don't know if I could physically do it anymore, lots of lifting, using your knees- which mine are bad. (that may be excuses too, dunno)

5. I have a problem with money. I spend it to freely, doesn't matter if I actually have any, lol. I tend to fly by the seat of my pants- I pay my bills, but I don't have a system, so I may miss some, and catch them the next month.

6. In case you couldn't tell by the last post-- I am unorganized! I have been trying to de-clutter my self- house, scrappy room, but I tend to keep adding instead of taking away. oh well, at least I find a home for everything-- even if I forget where it is at times. I even rebuy things I can't find- then I find them. :D

7. I am to trusting. I don't know if that is good or bad. I always do what I say I am going to do, and I expect other people to be the same way. I hate it when people are late, or don't do what they say. I trust they will. I have been taken a few times because of this. People see it as a sign of weakness, and take advantage of you. I don't like that. My dad is the same way, and I can't tell you how many people have ripped him off- makes me mad. He just lets it go, but I hae a hard time doing that.

8. I hate confrontation. I will do it if I absolutely have to, but I get all sweaty, anxious, and it is sometimes hard to speak up for myself because of it. ei yi yi. :D

Ton to do today, no ambition. ;D

yea, so I have laundry, need to go to my moms, grocery shopping, and all I want to do is veg!

Today is the call day for MMM (i think) or at least they have decided. Not expecting any calls, but I like t watch the speculation at 2peas, its funn. :D

Anyone order from QVC yesterday? It was craft day, and I stayed away-- I am to much of an impulse buyer-- no way! Probably saved my self a couple of hundred bucks, lol.

So I went to Utah this weekend for a crop-- so much fun! I just wis it wasn't so far away. I got to meet Teri, and Jen G, they both are sooo sweet! Here is a picture of 4 of us, in our scrapping tiara's of coarse. :D

That is Natalie, our DT coord. for creativexpress, then Teri, Kristylee, and me! Archivers puts on a pretty fun crop.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tuesday (again)

ok, I just got off work, from the night from hell!
I work as the nursing supervisor. My job is to place patients, this includes patients that are very very sick, need critical care, and yada yada. (I also do alot of helping, bedside nursing, but I do not count as staff, I am kind like a float, help where I am needed)

anyway. Last night we were full in critical care. We have 3 units. cornary care unit, intensive care unit (neuro, and trauma) and medical intensive care.
We were full. So, I had to figure out what to do with new critical patients that may come in. You see, we have a no divert policy- which like last night, is total crap. Imean, when do you call it done?

I transferred out 5 patients to "I" beds--which means intermediate beds, 3 patients to each nurse. Critical care is 2 patients to each nurse, or if they are really bad, a one to one.

I transferred 5 patients. My personal opinion is 3 of those patients should have stayed where they were. (hey, I am just a nurse, what do I know). I think the patients I admitted to critical care were not as sick as the ones I transferred out. Ugg.
Now, I think no divert is good at times;. I think patients should recieve care as quick as possible. But, if the facility can't handle them without being dangerous with someone else's life, I think we should take them in the ER, then fly them out to a facility that can take them.
I wish senior management saw it that way. sigh.

In other news- I really don't have much, lolol
I am going to SLC this weekend for a crop-- I can't wait! I am going to meet my long time internet friend Teri (terishere) and Jen Gallegher too. and I will see a few ones I have met-- Kara Henry, Kristi lee, oh how fun!

It's kind of lonely here now. Daisey is gone. Dh is in califronia putting in some tile for his sister. (we had a big fight before he left, and I told him to think about what he wanted from this relationship while he is gone-sigh) ds is at my sisters, so I have my poor little peaches, who doesn't understand why she is left alone at night while I go to work.

The thing with dh, not ready to share, but we have problems- I want to go to some counciling, but it seems I am the one with the problem, therefore, he will not go. (ok, whatever)
Life is hard.
I love it, and hate it at the same time.
ok, don't worry about me, I will be ok. I am going to finish my glass of wine (ok, I am a wine-o, lol, but deserve it after my night) and then go to bed. Probably do it all over again at work, then I will be off for 8 glorious days, where I won't have to do anything I don't want to!! (well, except buy some new school clothes for ds, lol)
more later.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Blog Challenge 5. A Letter

This is a letter to my ds, who was feeling guilty over the death of our dog Daisey. He was the one who closed the car door after she jumped in. He thought dh was taking her for a ride. :(

My Dearest Bradley,
It is not your fault daisey died. She knows you loved her, she knows we all loved her, and that we would never do anything on purpose to hurt her. You asked me If I thought Daisey forgived you for closing the car door. There is nothing to forgive. She knows you didn't know how it could hurt her. She loved you very much.
Sometimes mommy and daddy talk about how daisey felt, or what we should have done, and I want you to know, we don't do it to make you feel guilty, we do it because WE feel guilty. we feel like it is our fault. It was no ones fault, but that does not help our feelings sometimes.

You will be old enough to understand someday, I just pray this whole incident doesn't make you feel guilty for the rest of your life. Just know it was a horrible accident, and I think all of us will be more aware of where our pets are at all times from now on. We love you honey, and I don't want you to feel bad. Love, mommy.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


well, I am making n appointment with the Dr. in the morning. I have reached a level of depression that I have not known before, and I am ot likeing it. The thing is, I am still functioning, and I KNOW it can get much worse!!!

DH and I had a huge, and I mean huge fight. He is going to california to do some work for his sister (not what the fight was about) and left this am. I have given him the cold shoulder for 2 days, and was glad to see him go. how sad is that?
I do love him, I just don't like him lately. I told him to rethink his life while he was out there, and I would do the same. (I am heartless when i am pissed)

Anyway, it is not just that. It is the whole daisey thing, it is how I really don't like my job right now (although going back to work sounds better than staying home right now) and it is me.

Truly depressing blog, lololol.

OK, on the better side of things-- I did send off my entry to MMM. Postmarked yesterday- so we will see. I don't expect to win, but I would love for my wish layout to get picked up so I get it back, I really loved it! Most the time, you do a layout for these contests, love the layouts, send them off, then hate the layouts, and wish for a redo. But not that layout, I still love it!!! (insert smiley face here)
So I have had the last 3 days to scrap, and have just sat around watching TV. boring. haven't felt like scrapping either. I have 1 more day off, and I will scrap, if it kills me!
My sister is going to take ds on the 6th for a couple of weeks, so I will be alone. dh does not come home until the end of the month.
I have been invited to a crop in salt lake city, and I happen to have that weekend off! I will get to meet my good friend from CX dt Teri (terishere) and meet up with a couple of other girls on the team that I cropped with in april. I think I will be going if ds goes to my sisters house.

OK, well, I am going to bed, ds is whining to be tucked in. :D I love he still needs that.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Long day at work

Well, I woke up late--had to be to a class by 730 am, and didn't get up until 10 till 7. UGG! No shower, ran got my clothes on and out the door. I had to go to TNCC today, Trauma Nurse Core Course. It's actually a fun coarse, but 8 1/2 hours in a class, makes a long day.
So I have so much to do. I want to finish up a layout, but don't feel like it, I need to get moving as it was going to be one for MMM if I even end up entering, lol we will see.

Ds is obsessed with computer games all of a sudden. I had to put a 2 hour limit on his playing, or he would spend all day on it. He has been getting a little chunky--probably due to that thing! he is screaming now that something is wrong with it, so I better go see, lol

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Soooo, what's happening here?

First night back to work

so it is 230 am right now, I am on my break. I have been thinking of my poor daisey all night, and couldn't eat dinner. Well, I did have a few crackers and cheese over on 2 center.
Pretty busy in the hospital tonight, quite a few admissions. Nothing majorly exciting though, lol.
I just learned one of my co-workers may have M.S. I so hope not. she goes in for a lumbar puncture next week. Say a prayer for Amy, will ya?
I hate first nights back because I get so tired! I just want a nap right now.

So, I bought a new car that was a salvage, and they delivered it today to my dads. It is pretty clean, it's a 2008 ford escape. It has some right and left fender bumber dammage, and needs a new axal, and door. It cost me 14,000 for the car, and I will put in about 3,000 in parts and labor. so for 17,000 I have a new vechicle that retails for 28,000. not to bad. It only has 4,000 miles on it. My dad is getting it fixed, and it should be done by the end of next week. I need to sale my pt cruiser-- anyone want one? 2001 black with only 25,000 miles on it for the low price of 5,000. I just want to get rid of it. It books out for about 6600.00. Has a moonroof, power everything, leather seats. email me! or leave a comment here if your interested. :D

blog challenge

ok, thought I would participate in the blog challenges at scrapbook playground. here is the 1st. (well, it actually thier 3rd, my first, lol)

Blog about 15 things that you LOVE right now. They don't have to be things you have always loved (but that's not to say they can't) but try and include things that reflect where you are in your life right now and what you are truly enjoying and passionate about. If you need an additional challenge try taking one or two things, or perhaps the whole list and scrapbook them.

ok, this is really hard right now, because there is not a whole lot about life I am loving right now. but I will give it a go.

1. my dh
2. my ds
3. my dog peaches
4. my parents
5. the rest of my family.
6. scrapbooking
7. My design teams
8. rice cracker mix from sam's club. :D
9. my town- even though dh hates it.
10. my internet. :D
11. shopping- always makes me feel better
12. Getting a pedicure!
13. the fresh feeling after you had a shower, legs shaven, hair blows dry perfect, and you feel good in your clothes.
14. losing weight
15. when I have acomplished something I have put off for a long time- love that feeling!

ok, I don't think I need the additional challenge, lol.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Sizzix Sale is having a sizzix sale. They will no longer be selling sizzix, so as of sept. 24, they will be off the site! So they are blowing them out! Here is just a sample of what you can get them for.

And that information is:
Sizzlit alphabets $38.61 (They get cheaper in a Build a Kit too)
Sizzlit sets of 4 and borders $4.86 - $5.15
Steel Rule dies $2.43 - $3.86Alphabar #'s $7
Alphabar Alphabets $20 (Ransom is $25)
Embossing Folders $1.74 (I recently heard of using these as gift tags. Best use I ever heard of.)

Really kind of a hard day for me.

dh left for gunnison to finish a job. Brad had a friend over. I spent the day going through old papers looking for the pink slip (why do they call them that anyway?) to the PT Cruiser. I could not find it anywhere!!!! I want to sell it ASAP, I just cannot bring it back to this house.

So, I think I must save every friken paper I get in the mail. what a pack rat I am. I mean, I am goinjg through stuff since year 1997. I decided while I was at it, I would get rid of it. Well, all of it had personal info on it. I thought about putting it all in a pile, and setting it on fire, lol. But NOoooooo, I spent 3 hours rippping it all to shreds.

I bought a paper shredder a few years ago with the intention of getting rid of all this crap. It was a cheap one, and I think I paid 40 bucks for it. It didn't last but maybe 100 sheets, then poped out. ripoff. So I ripped all this stuff up today, being ever so careful there were no numbers, bank info, etc. if there was, I tor it and tore it agaijn. Man my aching fingers!!!!

So, I go to sams club tonite, and back in the clearance section is this heavy duty shredder!! arugggggg! regularly about 129.00, marked out for 50 bucks. I bought it. I figure I will need to shread again, lol.

I have been thinking of daisey an awful lot today. all the whys, and ifs, I need to stop that! anyone have any suggestions?? I know there are people way worse off than I, that have lost loved ones, and internet aquaintance just last night lost her mother. I feel so bad for her.

Why does grieving make you think about other things in your life? I mean, it really does, and lets you know how fragile it really is. Life is soo so short in the grand scheme of things. Yesterday I was 20, tomorrow I will be 60. Blink of an eye. I want to do so much, yet I don't want to do anything. Ever feel that way?

ok, getting to deep- going to go watch bones on tv. :p

Thursday, July 19, 2007


uneventful trip home, except we had a tire blow out. ok, 138.00 later, we were back on the road. Stopped at the park, and again in green river.
So, a 6 hour trip took us 8 1/2 hours, lol.

Today was spent unpacking, laundry, shopping, and scrapping. I recieved a kit in the mail from 2daisies for their design team tryout. It was due the 19th! ok, this is the 19th, lol. So I did do a page, and a mini book word bloom, but I haven't finished it yet. Still have the journaling.
so now, I still have that to do tomorrow, gotta go to sam's, and return mom and dad's car.
I really don't want to pick up the cruiser, I think I will leave it over there.

So dh is having a hard time. I hate that he won't share his grief. He says he is fine, but then talks about how he has to get out of here. really makes me even more down.
He is leaving tomorrow to finish a job in gunnison. Maybe he needs the space, I dunno.

I have a ton to do before going back to work, thank goodness Tiffany is going to work for me tomorrow--one extra day for me, yeah!

Just bought the movie Premonition with sandra bulluck-- strange movie. hmmm, jury's still out on this one.

ok, well, maybe I can write more later- gonna finish this movie, then off to bed.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vacation day 7

OK, this really ticks me off. I am sitting here at starbucks in mesquite, and it appears they have now started charging for internet!!!! What happened to free internet for users?

So I am writing this in word pad, and will upload it later. harumph!!!
so it appears casa blanca is not as lucky for me as the virgin was, I lost 100.00 last night. makes me mad I didn't pack it up sooner, but oh well, they will not get the money I won, they wont!
On the way here it was kind of funny. This guy comes blazing past us with cop lights and sirens-- making everyone pull over so he could pass. He was in a red F250 truck that said UTAH highway patrol. um, why is utah running code 3 thru nevada? So dh starts following him, doing about 90 miles an hour, and this guy clears the path, lol. so there we are driving a long, keeping up, and all of a sudden he slows down and pulls over to the right lane. Starts waving John to pull over. John is like-- no way, I am not gonna pass this guy, lol. so he sticks his head out the window, and yells pull over. DH shakes his head no. so he gives us the hand stop sign, and yells SLOW DOWN!!!! and takes off again, speeding up to 90-100 mph. I told john to hang back do the speed limit, the guy will probably call the nevada highway patrol on us, and try and give us a ticket. So we watch him, and he continues on his way, going code 3. then we can't see him anymore. About 10 miles up the road, there he is, HE was pulled over by the Nevada highway patrol!!! Laughing my ass off, should have seen this guy trying to talk his way out of a ticket. We just waved as we went by. ohhhhh, the sweet satisifaction we felt on that one!!!!
virgin river, but I think the attitudes go with it, lol. Virgin river just has a more homey feel to it. plus I seem to win over there. I think I will stay there next time even if the rooms are not quite as nice. I feel like riff raff here, lololol.
Speaking of riff raff, my bil and sil are very up-peaty. I mean love them dearly, but bil seems like his s)*% don't stink when it comes to other people. They have money, like the finer things in life, and were very hospitiable to us, but I also felt like I couldn't leave anything out. They had some friends over on the last night we were there for dinner. VERY NICE people. they used to be neighbors. bil kept putting down the guy, and he would do it as a joke, but I mean, it really was excessive. I thought, no wonder these people don't come to visit often. I was talking to the lady Joy, sweet lady. she said they sold at the wrong time, their house used to be next door. they sold about 10 years ago for 200,000. Their old house is on the market now, as the people are going thru a divorce, and it is "offered" for 889,000. Not only that, it is listed CHEAP for a qauick sale. They are still kicking theirselves over that one. lol.
Anyway, they don't have alot of money, are just average folks, and I just got the feeling bil let him know it when ever he could. BUT on the good side, bil is very knowledge about finances and such. he is going to hlep us with some long term investments with annunities and such. I have a old retirement just sitting there not making any money cause I don't work for the place anymore, so they won't administer the account. bil said he would do it for me. that is his job, securities, and insurance, etc. so maybe he can help me make it grow. :D He also said people make a mistake when they sit on equity in there house. He said if you take out a low interest load, or refinance pulling out all the equity (only if you plan on NOT moving for awhile) you should buy an annunity with the equity for your house. it is compounded daily, and you can get more interest off the annunity long term than you will pay on the long term loan. In 12 years, your money will be doubled, and you can pay off your house, or what ever then. That seems a little more risky to me, and will have to check it out before we do anything like that, but the cocept and the way he explained it sounds great. uh, but he is a salesman, lol.
ok, dh is up and around, so I guess I will save this, and upload later. it is 830 am nevada time, and I am thinking I already need a nap, lol

Saturday, July 14, 2007

went to seaworld yesterday

dh for some reason loves that place. I can take it or leave it. I guess If I am going to spend 50 bucks for a theme park, I want the thrill rides, not the shows, lol.

So we went, got wet from shamu, petted the dolphins, yada yada. Brad liked it. But of coarse he wanted to do the arcade games that were 5 bucks a pop-- we did a couple and wond a stuffed dolphin, and a stuffed shamu.
Today, we went to breakfast at a mexican resturant bil raves about. It was ehhh--ok, maybe I just wasn't very hungry.

I haven't taken a ton of pictures this vacation, I am trying though. I have the camera sitting next to me, so hopefully I will get a few shots in, lol.

We decided to leave monday instead of tuesday, and spend 2 nights in mesquite instead of 1. I always feel rushed when we do 1. We have 2 nights free, so why not? We are going to pick up my girlfriends dd on the way home from here sisters, and bring her back with us, so at least brad will have a playmate. She got to go parasailing yesterday--uh, I think I want to go to candy's house, and do that! :D

Here is a pic of ds on shamu, converted into fresco with PSP3.

Not much going on today, we got so much sun on thursday, I don't want to go back to the beach. I am afraid it will burn on our burns, lol. I would love to go shopping, but ds doesn't want to get out of the pool, and I can't leave him here, so here I sit. I am in the shade with 30 sunblock on. Funny, 20 years ago it was all about the tan. loved to lay out for HOURS using baby oil as tanning oil. Not now, I could care less, I guess I figure I can use the lotion tanning, lol

I do miss scrapbooking, I think I will look up a store, and maybe venture out and buy something, lol

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Vacation day 4

today we went to breakfast at a beachside denn's, lol. It was really nive, they do have good breakfasts! Then we went to crystal cove beach. Now this beach is a beautiful beach, hardley anyone goes to it, which is nice, we don't have to fight the crowds. BUT-- there is a lways a but. You have to hike a freaken mile to get to it!!!!

I know it is good for me, but man I hate going to this beach because of this. I don't mean a hike on flat land either, you take a wodden trail half way,then you take a dirt trail down the mountainside, then steps that are super super steep to get to the beach. dirt steps with the wood log type thing, and cable holding them kind of steps. Going down isn't so bad, but coming up? yeah, I was winded, lol.

so, once you get dh to the beach, you can't get him off. I am burnt to a crisp because of my lily white skin, even though I applied 30 spf sunblock every 30 minutes or more. I guess it could have been worse, lol

Tomorrow, we are going to sea world, so I will let ya know how it goes.

OH, and we get back to BIL's house, and yikes!!!! He left at 7am, so I know it was us, or rather ds, but the jacuzzi was completely drained!!! it connects to the pool, I have no idea what lever ds flipped, but I think bil is going to flip, lol. John is trying to fill it with a hose right now, I am sure there is a way to turn on the water for the pool to do it faster, but we don't know how. I don't even know where all the water went-- the pool doesn't look any fuller, and I don't see a bunch of water anywhere? don't know.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

vacation day 3

today I had to take the car over to a local ford dealer to get the air cond. fixed. It worked part of the time on the way here, but then would go out. man--it got hot-- 113 outside, and here we are with no air. I told dh, well, now we kind of know what daisey felt like. :(.
We bought some spray bottles to spray ourselfs down with, and that helped.
So of coarse, it is working fine when I take it to the dealer. I got a cheap little ford focus rental car from enterprise.

Let me tell you a little something about them. They didn't even bother vacuuming out the car from the previous renters. There were cigarette burns in the seats, and crumbs all over the seat, and drive stick. It reeked of cheap mens colone, and made me sick driving it back to bil's house. Man, can't they even gvie them a fast wash job in between customers? really irritates me.

So, I didn't tell, but when we stayed in mesquite night before last, I went down to the bar. I thought, I will have one glass of wine, to wind down, and play 20 bucks on the video poker machine. I get there, and someone had just won the royal flush. I thought-- oh well, it's not like I am going to win anyway, so I sat down, and started playing.

dh had taken brad to the pool, so there i am, and I was winning alot of little hands, like a couple of full houses, worth 40 coins, and putting it back in. I was there maybe 10-15 minutes, and.... I HIT A ROYAL!!!!! Yep, it paid again. I let a scream out, scared the guy sitting next to me, lol. So I won 1,040.00. If it is under 1200.00, you don't have to report it to the IRS-- which is good, because I am sure I have lost more than that over the years, lol.
I felt kind of eurphoric for mabye 10 minutes. then the heaviness of losing daisy settled right back in, and I was like, oh, big deal.

I hate this.

I am glad though, it will almost pay for this vacation when we are done. and one of the best parts too is we got the room free already, cause we came on a coupoun, and we have another coupoun to get a room free for on the way back~! :)

Today is just a day of sitting by the pool, watching brad swim. John went to go play golf with a friend of his out here, so, we are just relaxing. The maids are here cleaning the house, lol. oh the lap of luxury--people actually live this way. I tell you, sil and bil house looks like a model home, professionally decorated, and very clean. Nothing like my house, but I sure would like to be able to acheive this look.

Marble counters and floors, faux painted walls with beautiful art work on them, beautiful furnature that looks like it will last a long time. You get what you pay for I guess. I think I need to take some pictures just to show you what I mean, lol.

My house looks to plain and lived in I guess.

Anyway, I think I will put my suit on, and take a swim, so, more later.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


well, yesterday we started vacation. It is supposed to be a fun time for us to spend time together, and have a good time, but there is this cloud hanging over us. It is hard to have a good time when you are greiving.

Then I am having all these anger issues. I am so mad at my baby boy Brad, and I don't know what to do about it. You see, it seems he shut the door on the car, and then forgot daisey was in there. I know he thought dh was going to take her, and I KNOW he would never hurt her on purpose, but his thoughtlessness cost her her life.

We are very careful not to blame him. I don't want my 9 year old to go through life with that kind of guilt. I told him I know he would not hurt her on purpose, and it was a horrible accident. I really hope this teaches him to think about his actions. I love him so much, yet I am finding my self having feelings of anger. I hope this is just part of the griveing process, and I am very careful what I say around him.

There are so many what-ifs too. There is no sense in thinking about them, it won't change any thing. I just wish I could get them out of my head.

I havent taken a single picture of anything so far. I will regret it if I don't maybe I should pull the camera out now.

We are at BIL's house, I still need to unpack, so more later.

Does this blog seem kind of dark to you? I guess that is just the way I am feeling, hopefully the sun will shine tomorrow.


July 7, 2007.
this kind of thing only happens every 100 years, and is supposed to be a lucky day.
It was my sisters Birthday, she always thought is was a lucky day.

On this day, we lost our baby dog.
this is what I wrote on the 7th. I couldn't eat until finally yesterday, I just felt so nauseated, today is better, but my heart still hurts, and I have all kinds of weird thoughts-- more on that later. maybe I need some prozac.

I am so incredably sad. Our beautiful lab/pit bull is dead because of our stupidity.dh was getting a few things out of the car today, and didn't see that the dog who always wants to go, jumped in. Bradley closed the door, he knew daisey was in the car, but thought dh was going to go on a hike, and take her with him. dh mows the lawn, and then goes to hit a few balls of golf, taking the other car. He had no idea daisey was in the other car.I have been procrastinating going to the store all freaken day. I have been piddling around here, and a couple of times I thought "where is daisey?" Oh, dh must have taken her with him.dh gets home 2 hours later, and asks "where is daisey?"um, I thought she was with you. we both run to the cars because we know she jumps in, and there she was. .......gone. I don't know how long she had been dead, but she was already stiff.ds now thinks it is his fault, he didn't realize she was still in there. I am blaming myself because If I would have just went to the store like I have been planning on all day to get things for our vacation, I would have found her.dh is blaming himself for opening up the car.My heart is so heavy for my little boy, thinking this is his fault. I have been trying to tell him it is not.I am so sick to my stomach. She was such a good dog. dh took her almost everywhere, but not in the summer, beause it is to hot. that dog lived and breathed for dh.He is crying, he took her up on the monument to bury her. I still have not gone to the store, because I am a total wreck right now, and I think our vacation is probabl runied at this point. We were going to leave monday morning.I know it is only a dog, but she was part of our family, and it hurts so bad. I cannot imagine how she suffered, trying to get out, and no one was there to help her. I guess the only thing I can do is have a good cry.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Vacation Time

oh yeah baby, I am on vacation!!

Feels so good not to have to worry about going into work! Wed. we drove over to Denver, and made the rockies game. We stayed at the Hyatt--oh lala, what a sweet hotel! I just wish we had more hotel time, it was N_I_C_E!! except their coffee sucked. :D Rockies won 17-10, and they had a great 4th of july fireworks show afterwards.

We are leaving for California on monday. I have 2 pages to scrap before then (assignments) and then I HAVE to finish up my MMM entry if I plan on entering. I so don't know. hmmmmm

I have an idea for a page now, so maybe I better go work on that. Here is a lame page I did last night, I had this great vision, and of coarse it turned out nothing like I envisioned. I hate when that happens, but it is done.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I have a Headache

So I worked last night, went to bed and woke up at 1:30. With a headache. I HATE THAT! I have actually had this headache for about 5 days, but it is just barely there. You know, just enough to let you know you have one, but not bad enough to do anything about it.

I did take some alleve, I think It is time to do something. :D

So I am contemplating on weather or not I should go scrap a page now. We are leaving for Denver in the AM to go catch a Rockies Game-- for the 4th!! How fun huh? Gotta get my camera book out and try and remember how to shoot fireworks.

Anyway, I have 2 more assignments to do before the end of the month. If I don't do them today, they might not get done. We are going to be leaving for vacation in California when we get back from Denver-- and I won't be back before they are due.

I usually never flake on any assignment for scrapping, I am usually early- but I just don't know if I feel like it today. Not to mention the fact, I feel very un inspired.

I still need to do at least one more layout if I am going to enter MMM. I just don't know if I will do it-- I will have a mere 2 or 3 days to put it together and mail off when I get back. There is always so much prep work in these kind of contests.

Then I need to figure out a way to et Bradley to Pagosa Springs to visit Cathy my sister-- when we get back. arugggg!

Well, hopefully this vacation will be relaxing and stress free. (a girl can dream can't she?)

ok, gonna post another layout I did- this one if for prima sponsorship over at the scrapbook playground. It's my Neice Michelle again. She is such a sweetheart!
talk to you soon! :D

Saturday, June 30, 2007


love me some saturdays when I don't have anything to do. :D They make me happy!

So I am sitting here printing some pictures for one of my assignments at (such a fun site, come visit!) and thought I would pop in.

This months assignment is to do 5 photo strips on a page, telling a story. eiyiyi! ok, so I do have an idea, we will see how it turns out.

surfing the web, but I am bored. Do you sit at the computer, and get bored? I mean there is so much to do out there, so many places to visit, but I get bored with the whole thing.

Iv'e gotten lazy with my scrapping too. if I have a vision in my head, I just want it to be done- sometimes the layout just takes to long, or I will try a short cut, and then not like the layout. ever do that? I used to be so technique heavy. I guess it is because I just don't have the time anymore-

Sometimes it's cause I can't find what i am looking for. I hate that. my scraproom is semi-organized, but I can never find that one thing.......

ok, so I will share a layout I did for my first assignment- it was to be a layout with an earthy feel. what do you think? it doesn't have to be about an earthy subject, just using earthy colors. I used crate paper kate collection, and wouldn't you know it? they are out of it at the CX store, so unless they reorder, I may have to do this one over. dang.
ok, that's all for now, my pictures are done printing.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

It's Saturday! Love me the weekend off. :D

Not doing much today, thought I would try and upload some pictures to sams club, then maybe shop and go pick them up later.

I mentioned to my dad I was looking for a new car. I WANT a hybrid ford escape, in vista blue, with of coarse fully loaded. Do you think any dealers have this? NOoooooooooooooooo-- it's either missing a cool feature that I want- like the GPS system, or it's not a hybrid.

Well, my dad has taken it upon himself to find me one. eiyiyiyi-- dad, I am only THINKING about it- I don't like all these dealers calling me. (they are like vultures I tell you)

He means well, but I am really ambivilant about this, I really don't want a car payment!!!! Plus, they wont give me a think for my beautiful explorer- albeight it is 9 years old. :D

Here is a picture (oh wow, first one on this blog? I need to update more, lol) of my pretty little princess Peaches. Isn't she cute?
ok, well all for now, maybe I can put some time into this thing, and really get it going. (hee hee, I keep saying that.
OH, I almost forgot-- is having a big contest. It is their 3rd annual showdown at the playground. You can win some really cool pizes if you join. We have had some amazing talent in the years past. Come join it! you have nothing to lose. :D then go to the fourms, and then to field day for the contest info.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

NSD 2007!

Well, one of these days I am going to blog faithfully! It has been a tad while since I have been here. (blushing icon insert here)
So, how was your NSD? I am at work now, but I did manage to scrap a page today. Can't share, but it will be posted at at the end of June. (one of my assignments)
My assignment was to scrap Kori Babb's pictures- so fun! Everyone got someone different.

Last weekend I went to a crop in Utah, sponsored by Creative Express. It was held at Roberts.
Talk about a blast! I met a few of my DT cohorts, and a ton of ladies from the mb. It was so much fun.
I stayed at Kristy Lee's house, such a hostess she is. She is just amazing!
Well gotta get back to work, maybe I can blog later. :D