Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I am still here. :D

So, Tomorrow is the call for the Creative Express Design Team. I am so nervous, yet excited at the same time! I so want to continue on this team. NOw I know, the current DT has and "in" only because CX already "knows" them. Now that can be good or bad. If you did your work, turned it in on time, and were following the rules, history dictates you should be on the "in list". I am so nervous! It is not for sure though!!!!

On another note, I have company coming this weekend I am trying to get ready for. eek! gotta do a bit of deep cleaning!! :D

We are going to a really cool concert this weekend-- I so can't wait!!!! Wanna know who is playing?

I haven't been to a concert for about 3 years, and even then it was a small one. But the groups playing here, I used to see in my early 20's (hey, I WAS a real partyer-- and used to get lots of back stage passes to party with vrious groups) (you have to have an "in") and these were the groups of my day. now I have grown up quite a bit, and really have no interest in partying with them, like I used to, but I still want to see them! anyway, here is the roster-- Aren't you jealous?

Should be a fun weekend, and a blast to the past. I plan on taking tons of pics. :D

Here is a layout I did for Scrapbook playgound paper trunk is sponsoring us this month-- I am trying to get a little more "visual" here on the old blog-- thanks for looking at it! :D

Oh, and I did try out for Octobwer Afternoon DT, guess I didn't make the cut-- so sad. I rarely try out for these things, cause only the most "well known" scrappers seem to make them-- maybe if I were to submit to some magazines, I would stand a chance. :D But I am to lazy for that-- can't seem to get enough done to do that, not to mention the fact I scrap the current season, not 6 months behind-- sooo. sigh, oh well.

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