Saturday, October 21, 2006


wow, this year has flown by. Obviously, Ihave not kept up my blog. told ya I wasn't good at diaries. So what has happened- hmmm lets see. IN the scrap related world, not a freaken thing for me. I have entered the MMM, submitted a few pages (although I really don't do this much) applied for a couple of DT's, entered the MMidol contests, all for not. :( I don't even know why I try- it's not like I have time. I guess it gives me a kick in the pants to get things done.

I really wanted on the DT for 3bugsinarug, and piggietales, but no, not either. mmidol I couldn't get my upload done, and missed a whole project- so I was probably disqualified, but they said no, they got it. I know they didn't get my project though because I didn't even get that far to try to upload it, so...oh well, I wouldn't have gotten picked anyway.

I am still loving my design teams though. is the most awesome team to be on. They are so good to us! I am a little sad though, our dear DT coord. was asked to leave, so she will not be with us anymore. But Nat (scatty) seems pretty awesome, so she will be fun anyway. we have 6 new members- 6 old ones left. (can't for the life of me think of why anyone would want to leave)

http://www.scrapbookplayground is my other online dt. Wendi is pretty nice, and while I love it, I am finding it a little hard to keep up. there is so much expected of us in the way of layouts per month. I know I could drop to one manufacter per month, but I am the type that wants it all or nothing, lol I will keep plugging along until I can't I guess. :0 is my manufactuer DT. Awesome stuff. I just wish the DT rules were spelled out better. We earn our product by posting our creations different places, if they use it in trade shows, and if you get published. I guess it will give me the kick in the pants to submit my work, lol

I always feel down when I wasn't called for something, but sheesh girl- I guess you do actually have to submit things to get them noticed, lol. I tend to scrap the season that I am in, so it is hard, that isn't what the mags are looking for, they want things 6 months ahead. I should be doing easter, and I am doing fall, lol.

Well, I am at work, guess I better get back to it. More later, I really want to start keeping up on this thing!