Saturday, September 29, 2007

Friday Night and I ain't got nobody

Remember that song? I am actually on my lunch here at work, tired, didn't get good sleep today. It has been pretty busy tonight, but I am taking my break! :D

Guess what? I ordered a cricut expression machine! whoo hoo, I am so excited to get it! It should arrive tomorrow. AND II may already have my lil bug sold, but I am sad, cause I really don't want to pay 89.00 for a new george cartridge, and I will barely make 25.00 off the thing then-- maybe I should just list it on ebay, and not settle for less than 80.00 without the george? oh, decisions decisions.

Can't wait to cut chipboard with the new one though- and oh my, I am gonna love that accents cartridge!

Nothing great going on in the home front, brad has been a little sassy lately. I told him he disapointed me yesterday, and that made him cry. I felt bad, but man the boy needs to concentrate. John is going to take him to the Dr. on monday, and get him back on his medication for ADHD. We have had a teacher conference already, he just can't concentrate, he goofs off, she has had to put his desk facing the wall with his back to the other children in an effort to have him concentrate! I had the meds, but I also want my sweet boy who listens, and pays attention.:D

Well, I better get back to work, hopefully, more later.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Friday the 21st. I worked last night, I must sleep all day, so I can work tongiht- and ds is out of school today. Hopefully he won't come in my bedroom every 5 minutes to ask me a quick question. ;D Kids, they just don't get it. I have to threaten him with his life not to wake me!

No scrappy time this week, until after the weekend. :(

We plan on going up on the mesa tomorrow-- I so hope the colors have changed so I can get some pretty fall pictures. It is usually the 3rd week in sept. so we will see. Last year, it snowed before the colors changed, so it went from summer to winter! I was so irritated. :p

ok, just killin a bit of time before bed. they will post a new assignment on today, but I don't know if I made it into the next round yet or not-- hope so!! guess I will find out when I get up. night!~

Monday, September 17, 2007

Never been so scared in all my life!

Tonight, I have been in tears, my heart had that lead thump in it, and I was crying.
Ds was missing. He came in at 6pm and said "Mom, I am going riding with conner" meaning he was going to ride his bike. "OK, be back in 1 hour, by 7" "OK"

7 comes, no brad. ok, he is in trouble, it is still light out, but he probably lost track of time. 7:30. no brad. OK, now he is on restriction, and in even bigger trouble. Call conners house. "Is brad over there?" "No, I haven't seen him, I think they went to brians" ok, call Brians. "Is Bradley over there?" "no, he and Brian went out riding their bikes" OK, he is in BIG trouble. Now it is 8pm. I think, ok, I am going to go look for him. I get in the car, and start. Conners mom calls. "I can't find them, conner is with them. Brian is home, and he doesn't know where they are" WHAT? I just talked to Brians house, Brian was with them. ????

Ask Brian-- No, I left them an hour ago, I was tired, they were riding by the park.

Now brad knows he better not go out of the irish walk neighborhood, and the park is on the edge, and is pushing it. I go to the park. No kids. Then I find out another kid is with them-- Kristi-- and Kristi's grandma is in tears, out looking for them. This is ridiculous. It is dark now.

Brad never stays out past dark. He KNOWS he BETTER be in before dark. I am getting worried. I am calling 911.

911 takes FOREVER in getting info, before they even dispatch. I am driving, talking to 911. I see Connie. "connie anything?" nope. and Conner is scared after dark, he just won't stay out after dark. 8:30. Still on the phone to the Sherrif's dept. OK, they have cars out looking. one came to the house, and asked all the same info as 911. sheesh-- I could be looking- can't you ask dispatch?

driving driving driving-- nothing. Getting more worried, making deals with God. PLEASE let him be ok. I won't be mad, just let him be ok. Where could he be? Where could they all be? Why has no one found them? We have conners mom, Kristy's grandma, conners brother (older) and myself out driving the neighborhood.

10 minutes until 9pm, I pass 3 sheriff cars parked about 3 blocks from my house all in a row, in front of the new construction going on. WHAT?? WHY ARE THEY NOT OUT LOOKING FOR MY SON? (oh by the way, he is 9 years old). So I stop, and out behind one of the sheriff comes bradley. I just start bawling.

OK, where has he been?

Well, I guess, they were out riding the dirt hills where the new construction happens. All of the builders have gone home for the day. They hear banging in one of the houses, and then someone looks out the "non window" (a hole is there, but no window yet) They all 3 get scared, and run to the house being built across the street, and hide in the back yard behind a mound of dirt.

There they sat, afraid to come out for over 2 hours. They were afraid the person in the other house was going to kidnapp them, so they hid, and were to afraid to come out. When the sheriff shined the spotlights into the dirt hills, they saw that it was the cops, so they all came out running to them.

So almost 9pm, 2 hours late for curfew, they find him. I pull over to ask the sheriff if they knew anything yet, and a bawling bradley is standing there, telling me how scared he was.

So do I punish him? I feel like I should, and yet I shouldn't. If it WAS a dangerous situation, he did good, but how did they think they were going to get home?
Frankly I am just so relieved he is home. he is covered in mud from where they hid, but I am just relieved.

Hug your babies.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Sundays - Wild Horses

here is a little tribute to the wild horses.

wild horses

BLM are going to sell off the wild horses here. It really makes me sad. Grand Junction (my town) and the little bookcliffs are only one of 3 places in the entire united states that has a place specifically for wild horses. It is protected. IT is soooo beautiful!!!! Here is a website that tells a bit about it.

ok, so they have these beautiful horses, and I saw on the news last night that the blm is going to be auctioning off some of them to control the population. I read somewhere that that is bogus= it is because some of the local farmers that let their cows range on blm land are afraid there will not be enough grazing land for their cows (they pay BLM) if there are to many horses.

I need to get up on the garfield and get some pictures before they are half gone. :(

I think BLM just found another way to make money. It would be different if the monies were used to help support the protection of the horses, but alais, it is not.

(hey, what is to prevent anyone from going up there and just "taking" a horse? ) I am sure that has happened before, I dunno. I am just sad, that this little bit of nature near me is being sold off to make money for the blm. (ok, I am just rambling, lol) anyway--

not alot going on this sunday night, but the horses were on my mind. beautiful, just beautiful.
So, I guess if you want a wild horse, you can come here and pick yourself one up.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I am feeling much better today, although I still have some reminants of this darn cold left over. I hate being sick! (well, I can't actually think of a single person that enjoys it, lol)

Anyway, I am supposed to go over to my girlfriends house today as she is having a yard sale. dh didn't load up the freezer we have for sale, even though I asked him to yesterday, and he said he would. Now he is in denver, and I just don't think it is something I can do on my own.

I made it to the next round on in their designer class contest. So much fun! ok, so we have only gone one round so far, but hey-- one week at a time, right? Here is my layout for this week, it is on texture and dimension. Maybe I should have taken a picture of this layout instead of scanning it, it just looks so flat, but it really isn't. anywho, it is done.
I am anxiously awaiting the new instructions from my DT at Just love it over there! People are so nice, the DT is great, and CX is so fun to work with! We had a month off to pick the new DT, and I am getting ansy, lol.
ok, off to the shower, so I can actually get something done today!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sick as a dog today. :(

ds was sick yesterday, and I woke up to what felt like a mack truck ran me over. I have slept most of the day, sore throat, cough that hurt in the chest when you cough, and that all over achey feeling. I hate being sick! I hate calling into work too, I called in tonight, first time in over a year. :(

I did scrap a layout lastnight, of the concert. Only took a minute, it was so easy with this fun rock star paper.

so here it is, and I am going back to bed.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Went to Rock Jam last night

Whoo Hoo! so much fun! ds was mad at me cause we wouldn't take him with. I just can't see trying to keep track of him amognst 50,000 people, just wouldn't work.

now there was a long list of players, but I only went to see Styx, Foreigner, and Def Leppard. They were all really good, but I think the best was Foreigner== they were not the headliner, so they didn't play as long as I would have liked, but oh man!

Talk about a blast from the past. :D

I will post pictures tomorrow. Had such a great time. Went with some friends from Utah, I so enjoyed their visit! They came out for the weekend, and I just loved it, I haven't had company like that in ages.

Getting out of the parking lot was a bit of an ordeal, we sat in complete gridlock for over 45 minutes. didn't get that. some people were 4 wheelin it over the dunes, and to the freeway, without an onramp-- I was almost ready to.

so more later! :d

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Breathe, breathe YES!!

I am so very happy because I made the creativexpress team again this year. This is such a fun place to work for, I just heart it.

I am sad to se a couple of my team mates go though-- Dee, Teri, Kori, and Tammy, if your reading, I will miss you girlfriends!!!!

This layout is one I did for a AAM swap with the team. Such great memories. :D

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I am still here. :D

So, Tomorrow is the call for the Creative Express Design Team. I am so nervous, yet excited at the same time! I so want to continue on this team. NOw I know, the current DT has and "in" only because CX already "knows" them. Now that can be good or bad. If you did your work, turned it in on time, and were following the rules, history dictates you should be on the "in list". I am so nervous! It is not for sure though!!!!

On another note, I have company coming this weekend I am trying to get ready for. eek! gotta do a bit of deep cleaning!! :D

We are going to a really cool concert this weekend-- I so can't wait!!!! Wanna know who is playing?

I haven't been to a concert for about 3 years, and even then it was a small one. But the groups playing here, I used to see in my early 20's (hey, I WAS a real partyer-- and used to get lots of back stage passes to party with vrious groups) (you have to have an "in") and these were the groups of my day. now I have grown up quite a bit, and really have no interest in partying with them, like I used to, but I still want to see them! anyway, here is the roster-- Aren't you jealous?

Should be a fun weekend, and a blast to the past. I plan on taking tons of pics. :D

Here is a layout I did for Scrapbook playgound paper trunk is sponsoring us this month-- I am trying to get a little more "visual" here on the old blog-- thanks for looking at it! :D

Oh, and I did try out for Octobwer Afternoon DT, guess I didn't make the cut-- so sad. I rarely try out for these things, cause only the most "well known" scrappers seem to make them-- maybe if I were to submit to some magazines, I would stand a chance. :D But I am to lazy for that-- can't seem to get enough done to do that, not to mention the fact I scrap the current season, not 6 months behind-- sooo. sigh, oh well.