Thursday, March 26, 2009

OK, it's up!

I have my very first kit up on my site. Go take a look, let me know if the navigation is ok, easy to understand? I haven't started advertising yet-- wouldn't you know, when I am ready, the scrapbooking top 50 starts charging to be on their list. 10.00 a month. I don't think so, I would be number 485, no one would ever see my page there anyway, lol.
here is the link.

Woke up this morning to SNOW!

The kind that sticks for awhile. What is up with that? My daffodills are blooming! grrrrr. I am so ready for winter to be over.
This was the last night off of my stretch, back to work tonight for 6 on. That is ok, my mom is in the hospital, so I can see her more. She had a parathroidectomy last WEDENSDAY and now her calicum levels are way to low, they can't seem to get them up. So what happens when they are up? you send her home, and they fall again? They don't have an answer for that. She is very frustrated.
So I did some cleaning out of my garage, I have 4 boxes of scrappy stuff I am going to donate to the developmental center here for the mds girls. They want to start scrapbooking, I think this will be a great start for them! I have about 2 feet of pattern paper, along with all kinds of stickers, an alpha punch set, everything they need except adhesive. I am sure the facility can supply some glue sticks. :d
Well, here ar a couple of layouts I did using the kit. I need to get the pictures up on the site, and start selling! It really is a fun kit. Here are a couple of pictures of the kit itself too.:D

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What am I doing up at 4am?

ugg! I just cannot sleep! Life of a night shift nurse, you comeoff working a stretch, and it is so hard to turn your body around.
So I have a lot to do tday, but I will probably end up napping all day.
I got my first kit all packaged and divided up, ready to ship!! It is soooo cute! It is featuring Pink paislee's office lingo line, the kit is called "Peytonn". I have to admit, I kept dding things to it that I liked, and figured I better stop or it would be cost proohibbited, lol. Right now it will retail for 36.50. It has 8 sheets of cardstock pattern paper, 3 sheets of card stock, 1 sheet of journaling spots, 1 transparency sheet, 1 chipboard alpha, 1 chipboard elements pack, 1 set of deco brads, 1 set of press on rubons, 1 set of flowers. I just love the colors, I need to go make something with it, so I can give some examples! I don't have it up on the site yet- I am still figuring out the whole shopping cart thing, but maybe I can get it up today. If so, you can see it at for a looksie.
Now advertising--guess I better put on the thinking cap- any ideas?

My mom had surgery yesterday, and is in the hospital, so I will need to make a trip up there today too. She did well, had to have her parathyroids removed because they were messing up her calicum. she came through it well though. My dad is so cute and worried, he sure loves her. I am blessed to have parents that stayed together for 50 years- although there were times I wondered growing up, lol.

And I need to go grocery shopping--if we want to eat anything the rest of the week. I think I need to pour over some cook books first, and make a list, so I am not just buying what ever- then not know what to do wiht it! dh and ds are having a hard time with not having snacks in the house. I just won't buy them anymore-- I do, and what ever it is is gone in one sitting. Like a whole package of cookies, or the multi packs of chips-- gone. I have even tried to divi it up into single serve baggies, and they just take all the baggies, and eat them, so it is a waste of ziplocks. So I just quit. If they want a snack, they will have to make it from scratch, lol. Kind of a deterrent when you have to make it-- but better for both of them, they are getting a little round in the middle. :d
ds starts scoccer today, so I hope that will take care of the belly problem. I need to get my butt in gear with the exercise too.
Oh, and i need to make 5 sympathy cards today so I can give them to my friends. I am sure today will fly by.
Well, off to work on this web page, ttfn.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I am feeling so very sad today.

There has been so many tragic things happen here lately, I just count my blessings, then think "oh my, that could be be or one of my family so easily". In the last month-
1. a friend I work with, her dh commited suicide 2 weeks ago.
2. A good friend- her dh was killed last wed. because a dump truck ran a stop sign, and plowed into him.
3. Another friend at work, her son was killed last monday night in a rollover accident.
4. A nurse I work with, her father's car missed a curve, and he plunged into the colorado river and drowned last thrus night.
5. A friend I work with-her brother commited suicide yesterday morning.

sigh. So tragic, and 2 were preventable. What is really sad is the attempted suicides in this valley have really increased over the last couple of months. really co-insiding with today's economy. It's rather scarey! And we really don't have a great mental health system here, the facility we do have turns people away, has been in danger of being shut down by the state, blah blah blah.
Then everything on the news. I tell you, the world is a scarey place! And let me tell you I am not impressed with our new CEO, 44 days or so in office, and the only thing I hear him say is he is not going to raise our taxes (unless you make a ton of money) but yet, I see taxes going up on everything! Not my personal income tax, but taxes on everything I buy, my property tax is going UP, EVEN THOUGH the value of my house is going DOWN. So uh, yeah mr. President, I would say you have raised my taxes, and I would rather pay more personal income tax, than pay it out on the things I buy, or my car registration, or my home. You are getting by far the bigger end of the deal with my money that you claim you are going to help keep it in my pocket! AND I have seen him do nothing but spend spend spend! I think if we take away the earmarks, revamp programs, and hold people more accountable on what was done with our money, we would have more, and wouldn't need to raise any tax.
(ok, how did I get off on this tangent?)
Well, I am at work now, and I tell you I just feel grateful to have a job right now. So I guess I better get back to work, and earn my money. :D

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Guess what I got today?

my very first shipment of supplies for my new online kit club! OK, so I will be starting out small, but it is going to be so fun. I hope to have everything ready to go by the end of the month. The fist kit is going to be a collection of pink paislee products, cute cute stuff! I went with the office lingo collection pretty much, with some enchanting products thrown in-- and a little surprize! The kits will retail from 28.00 to 36.00 depending on what is in them. My plan is to offer 4-6 kits for sale at any one time, but in order to have that much product on hand, it taks alot of capitol. (ummmm, money, lol) So I will probably start off with 2 and go from there. I have been putting this kit together today, and it is all I can do not to stop and go scrap with one. On another note, I had to make room for this stuff coming in. so I have a paper rak that has been sitting in my garage. I thought, I could put the kits together, and store them on the rack. BUT dh told me I had to clean out my scrap boxes first. So I set out on that daunting task. omg. So this is what happened. When we moved here 3 years ago, I told dh as the boxes were unloaded, they were marked, put them in the room they go in. Do you think he could do that? nooooooooo. So all my scrap boxes were stacked in the garage. "just until you get your room together" uh hu. So over the last 3 years, I have my room together----and filled with all new stuff, lol. (I am such a horader!!!) So I start unpacking, and I don't know where to put it all. I have so much paper, I could literally scrap the rest of my life, and not use it all. really. I can't even think about how much money is invested, but over 10 grand, I can tell you that. Probably that in paper alone. (blushing icon here now) All my storage places for paper are filled. In fact, I even put together a box I thought I would give away on free cycle, and it is about 2 1/2 feet of stacked pattern paper. No cardstock, just paper. It is paper I thought i would probably never use. Then I got to tinking-- why do I buy so much? I seem to have to have the latest and greatest, but by the time I get to it, it is old news. I actually found 2 kits that I had not even opened from when I belonged to scrapbook obsessions, and club scrap. ei yi yi. so here is a little video of me and my scrappy mess. No it is not all cleaned up yet, so there will be no after video for awhile, as I start a 6 night stretch tomorrow, and I don't feel like cleaning it any more today, lol all the paper is put away, now I just have "stuff". and oh my, yes, I have alot of stuff too. Maybe I should put up a "garage sale" section on my website to sell off some of that too? I don't know, I think most of us want the latest and greatest, not someones old stuff, lol. well, don't laugh at me, here it is. (as soon as I can figure out how to put it here from u-tube, lol)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Well, lots has happened since I have updated

I just can't rmemeber it all, lol. Here are some layouts I have done in the last month. I didn't realise I did so many. :D It sure is fun to go in and create just for you, not thinking about if they need to be good enough for a design team or not. getting back into the love of the craft!

So, I REACHED my weight loss goal!! 107 pounds down, and now I have to maintain that. :^|. So far so good, I am down 1 pound below my goal. I reached it feb. 19th, 2 days before my birthday! It was a great birthday present to myself! My parents bought me a food saver for my BD, I love the thing! I buy alot of fresh veggies and make food for the whole week, so this is really helping me not only portion out my food, but keep it fresher longer. It is a wonderful device. :D

Well, gotta run for now, it is 10 am and I am still in my jammies. :D