Saturday, March 14, 2009

I am feeling so very sad today.

There has been so many tragic things happen here lately, I just count my blessings, then think "oh my, that could be be or one of my family so easily". In the last month-
1. a friend I work with, her dh commited suicide 2 weeks ago.
2. A good friend- her dh was killed last wed. because a dump truck ran a stop sign, and plowed into him.
3. Another friend at work, her son was killed last monday night in a rollover accident.
4. A nurse I work with, her father's car missed a curve, and he plunged into the colorado river and drowned last thrus night.
5. A friend I work with-her brother commited suicide yesterday morning.

sigh. So tragic, and 2 were preventable. What is really sad is the attempted suicides in this valley have really increased over the last couple of months. really co-insiding with today's economy. It's rather scarey! And we really don't have a great mental health system here, the facility we do have turns people away, has been in danger of being shut down by the state, blah blah blah.
Then everything on the news. I tell you, the world is a scarey place! And let me tell you I am not impressed with our new CEO, 44 days or so in office, and the only thing I hear him say is he is not going to raise our taxes (unless you make a ton of money) but yet, I see taxes going up on everything! Not my personal income tax, but taxes on everything I buy, my property tax is going UP, EVEN THOUGH the value of my house is going DOWN. So uh, yeah mr. President, I would say you have raised my taxes, and I would rather pay more personal income tax, than pay it out on the things I buy, or my car registration, or my home. You are getting by far the bigger end of the deal with my money that you claim you are going to help keep it in my pocket! AND I have seen him do nothing but spend spend spend! I think if we take away the earmarks, revamp programs, and hold people more accountable on what was done with our money, we would have more, and wouldn't need to raise any tax.
(ok, how did I get off on this tangent?)
Well, I am at work now, and I tell you I just feel grateful to have a job right now. So I guess I better get back to work, and earn my money. :D


Dalayney's Doodles said...

Oh sweetie. You have had a horrible couple weeks. Prayers for you and everyone's family that have been touched with such tragedy.

shirley said...

So sorry about the tragedies in your sphere. I pray for you and the others.

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

Sending positive thoughts your way. You have had a very rough couple of weeks.


Disneypal said...

How awful - so much tragedy in such a short time. I'm sorry to you and all your friends.

glitzen said...

I agree, we have had a rough winter too, with a lot of loss and pain, and on-going illnesses. Its been hard to keep counting our blessings at times. I am so sorry, you have been hit in every area. I am sure its hard to know who to grieve for each must feel hard to catch your breath. I'm so sorry!
I agree about the president too. Boy oh boy. :(

Natty said...

Oh I'm so sorry!!!!! All your poor friends. I'm so sad for them.
Do you ever consider moving to a less sad part of nursing? In the ER you see so much pain, I really think I couldn't do it. But...on the other hand, you are so great they really need you in there.

I am just so sorry for all the losses.