Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It was such a lovely party!

Well, we had my parents Golden Anniversary party, and it just went off perfect! Everything was just right, my sister did a terrific job on decorations, and we told stories, and I hope just really honored my mom and dad. There were about 70 people there, and it was held at the country club.
I wish I had my sd card here so I could show you my ds, he looked like such the little man, so cute! He wore blue cords, a dress striped blue shirt, with a sweater vest pullover. I didn't want to do a suit and tie, cause the only tie he would ever wear it again would be christmas, then he would outgrow it before we could wear it again. He looked so cute though.
Yes, he was the only child there, but he was so well behaved. I had to laugh though, cause towards the end he says "mommy, can we go now? my tummy hurts" I said "bradley, that is because you ate the whole chocolate bar aunt Cathy gave you. Wait until they cut the cake" "Mommmmmmm, I don't want to wait, My tummy hurts" So I say, well you have to just a while longer. So he goes off, and comes back a few minutes later. "mom, my tummy feels better, can I have some cake?" "Oh by the way, you do NOT want to go into that bathroom" roflol. I will spare you the details, but he goes on to describe it! uh--bradley dear, that is enough, just make sure you cleaned good, lol.
Anyway, just a short note, I am at work, but wanted to post this pic, so I snuck on here, lol. This is me, my dad, mom, and sister.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tis the Season

to be jolly---yea, you just keep telling yourself that huh?
i love Christmas time- the part about having your house all decorated, all your gift shopping is done, things are made, and you just relax with the lights lit, drinking your tom and jerry's, enjoying the season. What I don't like is when:
1. I have to do all of the decorating myself. um, yep, no one would help me, the scrooges. I did 2 trees, all the indoor deco, AND the 30 foot snowman in the yard, the proch lights, most of the house lights that were low. I told dh I wanted them on the peaks- he has not done that yet. He got mad at me yesterday cause I was up on the ladder putting up lights, and promised he would do it today after work. I told him if he didn't, I would be on the ladder friday, getting the job done!
2. Rude shoppers. I try to be extra nice when I am out. I even force a smile sometimes, lol. i am courteous to other drivers, let people in, and try to take that extra step in this time of year. But NOOOOOO not some people, they have a way of runing your whole day. Like the lady that almost plowed over me at hobby lobby rather than wait until I crossed the street to the front door. She saw me, like that 5 sec. it would have taken me to walk would have kept her from her destination any sooner.
Or the lady who decided she didn't want to wait for me to finish my u-turn. I was all the way in the middle of the lane, all I had to do was step on the gas. I was in the lane. She comes barreling up, and tries to pass me on the right shoulder. She ended up going off, into a dirt field, lolol, missed the ditch by 3 feet darn it, that would have been really funny. Then she has the nerve to honk at me--I wanted to flip her off, but I smiled and waved. :D
3. We have my parents 50th wedding anni this week. We are holding a formal dinner for about 60 people. Like I really have time to plan this with all th other things going on. But they are worth i, and I love them, so I will make time. I took their pictures night before last, and I am getting them printed today. I will attach a couple here.
4. I always forget what I bought someone, and end up buying for them again. Needless to say they get spoiled. I have vowed to write stuff down this year, but so far it hasn't happened, and I noticed I bought my sister way to much already.
5. I have to fit my full time job in here somewhere--I hate it when work gets in the way of life!

OK, those are my bitches and moans--lol. What are some of yours?

Here are a couple of pics of my lovely parents. My dad thought he was being funny with the denture pic, lol