Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finally Scrapped!

I got a day where I just kind of did my own thing, lol
I straighened out my scraproom, added 2 new small storage cubes, and reorganized. Then it inspired me to sit down and scrap a little, lol. So here are the pages I did-- and I made the card for Bradley to send to my sister in law as a thankyou for the 35.00 gift card to best buy she sent to him. I have to work tonight, for the next 3, so won't get much time to do anything else for awhile.

Here is the card

Layout using stuff from one of my kit clubs.

Just a fun one.

Just love this one of ds, so innocent looking, lol.

This one was just fun! I think my fav out of the 4, and it took the least amount of time, lol. go figure.

And as I look at these, I really need to think out of the box more. All my embellies are clustered down to the bottom left of the layout. They are all looking the same to me, lol. OK, back to the drawing board, next ones (whenever I get to scrap again) are going to be different! :D

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Did a little face lift here

I have so neglected my blog! So time for a little lift, lol. I just finished installing adobe cs 4 on my computer-- way to much stuff for me to know. I just wanted photoshop--the latest version of coarse, and I think it is even to powerful for me. I need a class! I have so much I want to do, yet I don't seem to ever do any of it-- do you get that way?
I bought a new snow suit off ebay--well 3 actually, lol. I wanted the purple one, but didn't think I would get it, so I bid on a blue and pink one, and ended up winning all 3, lol. So I am set for the snow! Now if I ever get off my butt to use them, I will be in good shape! I hate going hiking in the snow, and being cold, so I got them just for that reason. I would really like to try snowshoeing now. skiing is out of the question, my knees just couldn't take it. Although I am pretty good hitting the slopes on my new wii fit, lol.
I am still struggling with the last 2.5 pounds I have to lose to reach my self imposed goal. I just can't seem to do it. I know if Iget off my but and exercise, it will come off, but I am being lazy--or maybe it is a self sabotauge kind of thing, I don't know. I will get there eventually.
Finally downloaded my chistmas photos to the computer, now If I can just get them uploaded to sams club, so I will have prints. I am to lazy to print them myself, lol. I would rather just have them! Here is a family picture of us on christmas eve. Isn't my boy getting big? wow 10-- and in the last month he has gone from a size 10 boys to a 14! no totally missed the 12's. I think if he took off 4 pounds though, they might fit. I got him on the new wii fit, and he seems to really like that, we also have been taking him sledding twice a week, so there is some good exercise. I quit buying junk food some time ago, but dh still brings it in. Yesterday he bought Brad skittles-- a huge bag, and I wouldn't let him give them to him. grrrr! Just what he needs, sugar! I am trying to give him healthy junk food, like kashi ceral (oh, it is so good) as a dry snack, and fresh fruit for other type snacks. He would much rather have icecream and candy, but I am trying to teach him that those are very rare occasions--not working with the dh though, lol.
Well, it is 5am, and I am up for some reason. thought I would update, and have my coffee, now I think I will work on my scrap room, so that when I do decide to scrap, I can get in there, and know where some of my stuff is, lol. Christmas just destroyed my room--don't know how- I didn't scrap, but I made a quilt, did some jewelry, and just threw stuff in there to get it out of the way. NOw I have to pay the piper for it. I will try and update a little more often, but I figure no one wants to hear about my boring life, lol. tootles!