Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finally Scrapped!

I got a day where I just kind of did my own thing, lol
I straighened out my scraproom, added 2 new small storage cubes, and reorganized. Then it inspired me to sit down and scrap a little, lol. So here are the pages I did-- and I made the card for Bradley to send to my sister in law as a thankyou for the 35.00 gift card to best buy she sent to him. I have to work tonight, for the next 3, so won't get much time to do anything else for awhile.

Here is the card

Layout using stuff from one of my kit clubs.

Just a fun one.

Just love this one of ds, so innocent looking, lol.

This one was just fun! I think my fav out of the 4, and it took the least amount of time, lol. go figure.

And as I look at these, I really need to think out of the box more. All my embellies are clustered down to the bottom left of the layout. They are all looking the same to me, lol. OK, back to the drawing board, next ones (whenever I get to scrap again) are going to be different! :D


Fink said...

Nice to see your work!

Catherine G said...

Hi Shell!
Just wanted to comment on your scrap pages... GOOD JOB!!! I especially like the one of Brad looking soooooo cute!!! I love that little guy. He is growing up WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY TOOOOO Fast!
Love ya!

Catherine G said...

Hi Shell!
Just wanted to say that I really like all of your scrap pages!!!
Specially the one of my little sweetheart. He is growing wayyyyy
tooooooooo fast!!! I think he is it!!! I love that lil guy!!!!!!
Talk with you soon,
Love you!!!

Stampin' Meg said...

You did all this in a day? SHUT UP!!! Come rub a little mojo on me.

Ali said...

I really wish I had a teaspoon of your talent. I so wish I could scrap like you **sigh**. I love to look at your projects :-)

Stacy said...

Hey Shell!!
Lovin your pages!! They are fantastic!!!
And ditto what Meg said!! You're awesome.
I'm working too much these days to even think about scrappin...I haven't seen the inside of the scrapstudio in months!!
I'm looking forward to the day we can get together again. One of the few regrets about my Utah trip is not spending more time with you and Mer!! So the only way to make that right is to get together again!!
Hope y'all are staying warm and cozy in this cold weather.

Peggy said...

Oh gosh I love these pages Shellie and that card is simply stunning. Love it!