Thursday, August 20, 2009

Haven't been here in quite awhile!

mostly because no one ever reads it anyway, lol. I have had a busy summer so far, and things are starting to get back into a routine now. Vacations are over, Brad is back in school, and I am back to work. (sob, I want more time off, but paid time that is, lol)_
Well, my last post was all about my incredible weekend in LA being treated like a movie star! Well-- They asked me back!! The 2nd time I did an interview with Michael Thrumond. 2 other gals were there with me, but we were interviewed seperately. It was a lot of fun, got some more clothes, and had a incredible 3 days. This time it was down town LA, stayed at the Marriott there, so I did a little retail thrapy while I was there, lol. Here are a few pictures from that shoot. The girl nancy with the blonde short hair, and purple shirt is the one who lost 375 pounds. (yes, three hundred and seventy five, not a type-o) The girl in the blue dress is Safiya, and she lost 120, and has kept it off for 5 years, and even had 2 kids inbetween! She was in the last informercial also.

Then at the end of July, my son and I went to Puerto Vallarta Mexico for Vacation! What a blast we had. The only thing I didn't like was there were so many people down there trying to get you to go to timeshare presentations. It was crazy. We did an outdoor adventrue where you take a boat to the Island, then you take those big jeeps with the handles to hold on to in the back, like an army truck up a hill to base camp. Then you ride burrows to the top of the forrest, and zip line down. It was so much fun, I can't even believe it! We repelled down a water fall, did a free fall for 200 feet-- that was so much fun. Here are a few pictures of that. Also we went on a couple of tours, held Iguanas, shopped at flea markets, swam with the dolphins, as well as spent a few days by the pool getting a tan, and I of coarse had to spend some time at the "swim up bar" that was located in the pool! Our hotel room had a kitchen living room, large bedroom, jacuzzi tub, seperate shower, and a cool balcony that had a pool on it, incase you wanted to swim after the main pools were closed. The main pools-- the place was a water park! They had 14 swimming pools that all connected, 2 wave pools, a water slide, and a lazy river around it all. Loved the inner tubes around the river, that is fun. Also a wave maker on part of the lazy river, that was a blast. Anyway, it will be a trip I hope he long remembers.
I havne't really done anything scrappy or creative lately, miss it, but just been to busy! My brother is getting married next week. He asked me to be the photographer. I have never done a wedding, I told him I would be willing to do it but not to expect a professional job. He was ok with that, so we shall see, lol. I do have adobe photoshop, autofx programs, twisting pixeles, and a ton of actions for photoshop, so hopefully I can make them look good! Any tips?
Well, I am at work, I gotta run, breaks over, lol. drop me a note, I may update more often, lol, and I will be sure and visit your blog too. :D