Sunday, November 12, 2006

Here I am again- wow, 2x in less than a month. :)

So, on my last post I talked about being disapointed in not making 3bugs inarug DT, and now they are having another DT call. um, anyone see any red flags there? Love thier stuff, but I heard they just let all 16 of their new designers from the last call go, and are going with only 4 exclusively. They will have an exclusive clause. Wonder what that is all about? But I think I will pass. :)

Not feeling the mojo much these days anyway. I have no intrest in entering the HOF this year. I really thought I would enter it every year until 1 of 2 things happened. 1. I won, or 2. they quit having it. Never thought I just wouldn't care anymore, lol.

So just what are my goals? I don't really know. I do know that I am so tired of all the back biting I am seeing in this industry. People who can seem to be so sweet, but they are there only to get ahead, and will walk on you if given the chance. Tired of some of the message boards with the complaining, and bragging. So I just have kind of steped back from it all. I love my DT at Creativexpress, and the community there is great. I rarely visit 2peas anymore. You used to be able to go there and learn so much, but not anymore. It is more of a "hey look at me, mememememememe" kind of place now. Not interested. :)

I would like to go to a good convention, as well as the PAWS retreat coming up next spring/summer. I have a crop weekend with creativexpress in april that i am happy about. I wonder if KathieAshmore wants to go with me. Kathie?
Well, gotta get busy, just stopped in on my lunch break. :)

Saturday, October 21, 2006


wow, this year has flown by. Obviously, Ihave not kept up my blog. told ya I wasn't good at diaries. So what has happened- hmmm lets see. IN the scrap related world, not a freaken thing for me. I have entered the MMM, submitted a few pages (although I really don't do this much) applied for a couple of DT's, entered the MMidol contests, all for not. :( I don't even know why I try- it's not like I have time. I guess it gives me a kick in the pants to get things done.

I really wanted on the DT for 3bugsinarug, and piggietales, but no, not either. mmidol I couldn't get my upload done, and missed a whole project- so I was probably disqualified, but they said no, they got it. I know they didn't get my project though because I didn't even get that far to try to upload it, so...oh well, I wouldn't have gotten picked anyway.

I am still loving my design teams though. is the most awesome team to be on. They are so good to us! I am a little sad though, our dear DT coord. was asked to leave, so she will not be with us anymore. But Nat (scatty) seems pretty awesome, so she will be fun anyway. we have 6 new members- 6 old ones left. (can't for the life of me think of why anyone would want to leave)

http://www.scrapbookplayground is my other online dt. Wendi is pretty nice, and while I love it, I am finding it a little hard to keep up. there is so much expected of us in the way of layouts per month. I know I could drop to one manufacter per month, but I am the type that wants it all or nothing, lol I will keep plugging along until I can't I guess. :0 is my manufactuer DT. Awesome stuff. I just wish the DT rules were spelled out better. We earn our product by posting our creations different places, if they use it in trade shows, and if you get published. I guess it will give me the kick in the pants to submit my work, lol

I always feel down when I wasn't called for something, but sheesh girl- I guess you do actually have to submit things to get them noticed, lol. I tend to scrap the season that I am in, so it is hard, that isn't what the mags are looking for, they want things 6 months ahead. I should be doing easter, and I am doing fall, lol.

Well, I am at work, guess I better get back to it. More later, I really want to start keeping up on this thing!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

A good scrap related day!

Well, I had such a great scrap-related day! I didn't get not one page mind you, but it was still a good day. I cleaned my house while my neice came over and painted my entire scrap room! It is so pretty== a sage green, and light pink. And my wood desk was painted light pink, and I bought a glass top for it! Now I need to put up my wood cubes, and organize. (oh dread) but when I am done, It will be such a fun place to be in. No more scrapping out of boxes- that is what I have been doing the last 6 months- and I can't find a thing when I need it.

Then I recieved an email asking me to join a new Design Team for everlasting memories. They have such fun stuff-- I am so excited!

Plus, I just made a deal with scrapbook anwsers- I will be making exclusive fonts for them. Whoo hoo!

And of coarse, I have a million scrapping ideas running around in my head right now- but no where to scrap them. I will work on my room tomorrow- maybe I can at least scrap this page I have been wanting to do for 3 days, lol.

Well, off to watch ER, so until next time- hopefully it will be before next month at this time. :)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

AI--Oh I just love this show!

Well, it's been almost a month since I started this thing--hmm, hopefully I can blog a little better in the future!
I just got off work, and I recorded American Idol--love this show! I just wish I could have voted. :) I worked last night, so no voting.
I love chris, ellilot, taylor, katherine, paris, kellie, lisa-- those are my top picks! well, then there is Ace--he is such a HOTTIE! He could make it on looks alone. ;)

Well, I had a birthday a couple of days ago. I hate getting older- makes you realize things you haven't done that you wanted to do, time passes, regrets, yada yada. I mean, I am not over the hill, but I always wanted another baby, and I have come to realize, now I am to old! Missed the boat. It took so long to concieve brad, and although I never used birth control since him, he is almost 8 now-- and I don't want to be a grandma to a new baby. sigh, oh well.
I had a good birthday, we closed on our other house--yeah! I no longer have to worry about making 2 house payments- spending freezes, wondering if I am going to have to spend 10 grand in payments before we sell. :) (we are up to 5) Didn't make a whole lot in the end, the realtor check was bigger than mine, but at least I don't have to worry anymore. I was able to buy the things I wanted for my scraproom. I can't wait to get it all organized-- fun! I will post before and after pics when I am done.

well, I worked last night, so off to bed. OH, I got my scrapbook obsessions kit--it is so cute! love it, can't wait to create!

Luv ya all, bye for now.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

scrapbook related musings- about myself

ok, I did it. Not sure what I am even doing, or if anyone will ever even read me, but here I am! My first entry is a post I posted on a scrapbook messageboard, it made a better blog entry, lol.

So, I decided I was nOT going to enter this year. I mean come on, I have entered all but 2 of the HOF's, never even made an HM, so why bother? So I had not done a single thing, didn't have the time anyway, as of sunday. Then people started posting the "I'm entering" threads, and I admit, a little twinge of jealousy. I went back and looked as some of my past years entries. I laugh now-- they were so NOT worthy. I remember thinking then "my entry was awesome, why not me?" (snicker) I almost LAUGH now when I see last years entry. Maybe that is because my style has changed? I dunno. I only found 2 layouts I did last year worth an HM. So that brings me to this year. I look at the trends, and what I see is pages with whimsey. Lots of whimsey. I don't do whimsey! I have tried-- they look like my 7 year old did them when I try. Use handwriting on my layout? NEVER! not one for this competition-- that would be a big black X right off the bat! My handwriting is bad bad bad, and I can't even make my bad handwriting look whimisical, -- it's like my brain is trying to tell my hand what to do-- but something gets lost in the translation because the whimsy look I am going for just isn't there! Oh, and if you want to see my last years entry, go HERE and you will see what I mean. So I just said forget it, I am not even stressing it, and going there this year. Then I scrapped a little on sun. (for me) and a little on mon. (for me) and I thought- hey these layouts are not half bad. So I scrapped a little more, using hof guidelines. (much to dh's dismay, I was goig to use these couple of days off to put away the christmas decorations that are still up upstairs. , HEY, I took them all down downstairs- let him do something for a change) I look at these pages, and while I like them, and think- maybe? I am sure next year I will look at them and think "what was I thinking?" lolol. But hey, you can't win if you don't enter- and I didn't stress it this year- I did them all, they are done- even did a keepsake project- and it is signed, sealed and waiting for me to get off my butt to the PO, so, i guess I am in!