Thursday, January 26, 2006

scrapbook related musings- about myself

ok, I did it. Not sure what I am even doing, or if anyone will ever even read me, but here I am! My first entry is a post I posted on a scrapbook messageboard, it made a better blog entry, lol.

So, I decided I was nOT going to enter this year. I mean come on, I have entered all but 2 of the HOF's, never even made an HM, so why bother? So I had not done a single thing, didn't have the time anyway, as of sunday. Then people started posting the "I'm entering" threads, and I admit, a little twinge of jealousy. I went back and looked as some of my past years entries. I laugh now-- they were so NOT worthy. I remember thinking then "my entry was awesome, why not me?" (snicker) I almost LAUGH now when I see last years entry. Maybe that is because my style has changed? I dunno. I only found 2 layouts I did last year worth an HM. So that brings me to this year. I look at the trends, and what I see is pages with whimsey. Lots of whimsey. I don't do whimsey! I have tried-- they look like my 7 year old did them when I try. Use handwriting on my layout? NEVER! not one for this competition-- that would be a big black X right off the bat! My handwriting is bad bad bad, and I can't even make my bad handwriting look whimisical, -- it's like my brain is trying to tell my hand what to do-- but something gets lost in the translation because the whimsy look I am going for just isn't there! Oh, and if you want to see my last years entry, go HERE and you will see what I mean. So I just said forget it, I am not even stressing it, and going there this year. Then I scrapped a little on sun. (for me) and a little on mon. (for me) and I thought- hey these layouts are not half bad. So I scrapped a little more, using hof guidelines. (much to dh's dismay, I was goig to use these couple of days off to put away the christmas decorations that are still up upstairs. , HEY, I took them all down downstairs- let him do something for a change) I look at these pages, and while I like them, and think- maybe? I am sure next year I will look at them and think "what was I thinking?" lolol. But hey, you can't win if you don't enter- and I didn't stress it this year- I did them all, they are done- even did a keepsake project- and it is signed, sealed and waiting for me to get off my butt to the PO, so, i guess I am in!

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