Sunday, April 06, 2008

I am so naughty. i Just never seem to get here to bloggy poo.

no pictures to post, I am on the lap top. (not where I keep them, :D)
well, since my last post, I started a new eating way of life, and have lost 17 pounds!! 3 weeks, 17 pounds== isn't that great? I am really excited. I paid alot for these 17 pounds, lol, hopefully it will be alot more.

ds has been sick for over 2 weeks with bronchitis, hopefully he is on the mend now. He missed so much school, I went to get homework, but there was none, they were doing csap testing. Missed that, lol.

I haven't scrapped much, a bit. I am starting a new project for CX tomorrow, should be fun. I just have not had mojo, or time for that matter. With all this new found energy, I have wanted to do active stuff! Today we went on a nature hike, probably about 2 miles through dirt, catus, and hills, but it was good exercise, lol.

Well, once again, i will try and visit at least once a week. HEY, bolggie gets more attention than my parents-- they probably hate me by now. Guess I will pop in for a visit tomorrow. talk to ya all later!!! love ya.