Friday, January 29, 2010

Wow, over 5 months?

Seems like yesterday. Maybe it is becasue I have not been doing ANYTHING creative since the summer. I have not scrapbooked a single page since july. my room is still there, and my supplies-well I still have a ton, probably outdated by now.
I really havne't been doing a whole lot. November 12th I had a Total Knee Replacement. Talk about ouch, man a big one! Last week is the first week I can honestly say I don't regret it. But boy was there alot of pain getting here!
So yea I am kinda young to have one done, but as the Doc said--"there is nothing else we can do for you but that" So it was that or live with the pain.

Home front is not much better, and I will just stop at that with that one, lol
I am back to work since my surgery, my first week back was last week, and I did really well! Things here at the hospital are really exciting, we just opened a huge new wing last week. We have a brand new Emergency Dept., Ortho and spine center, ob/gyn, Neonatal intensive care, labor and delivery, X-ray, lab, and cafe, and operating room suites! It is BEAUTIFUL! Lots of state of the art gadgets. The only problem is learning our way around the place. I feel like I started a new job, lol
My informercials are on air now. At least 2 of them are. I think there are 4, and Im in 3 i think. I have only seent the first one that was released, but they are supposed to send me copies--maybe I can figure out how to put them up here, at least the parts that I am in.
OK, well getting ready to get off work, Ill try not to wait another 5 months to check in, hopefully I can get my creative mojo going again sometime soon.