Sunday, February 24, 2008

ohhhhh, I am a very bad girl.

I have been neglecting my bloggie poo. :D
OK quick update since last post.
There is to much snow here, and I am ready for spring. Just when you think it is gone, it snows again. I guess it could be worse, my sister's house in pagosa spings has snow up to her windows. Her driveway is plowed, and the hills are taller than the house~! no thanks!

A company called "sure cuts alot" came out with software for the cricut to cut any file or font you want. Love it! Got the 12 size, and not only the cool cartridges, but any thing. dings, images, whatever. It takes a bit of work to convert them in to the right files, but what doesn't anymore? You can look at it at

I had another Birthday. bleh. I hate getting older. ButbI will say this one was the best I have had in years. I got lots of presents, I didn't have to work, and felt a bit pampered!
I started by going to lunch and then to a movie with a friend. (27 dresses) then my parents took us to dinner at olive garden. Then we went to their house, and they had gifts and a cake for me.
Dh got me a GC to get a pedicure, and a GC for bath and body.
Sister got me a GC for Michaels
Brother got me a GC to a dept. store,
mom and dad got me perfume, fancy jeans, and a pretty pink shirt.
bff got me fancy capris, and a pretty shirt, and perfume.

Spoiled rotten. ok, but don't tell anyone. :D

I have been playing with my cricut, here is one of the layouts I did with one of the files I did for it.
Gotta go- it is ds's bedtime. :p