Saturday, November 29, 2008

I have had nooooo scrappy time

man, I really wanted to scrap this week too. Nope. Moved my neice out of her apt. for 2 days-- the 2 days I had reserved for scrappy time. oh well, she is worth it.
I have been getting a little bit of time here and there to work on my christmas balls- it is easier to work on them because the creative mess with them is less, lol. I usually do it while watching tv downstairs with the family. I just play with my poly clay, making the designs into a log roll, and then I have a little lap table, so i can cut the roll into disks, and stick them onto the balls. Then I bake them all at once, easy peasy. I found a really cute stolie bottle in my neices apt. It was some high end alcoholic drink that she should not have had, but the bottle was way cool. It had a wodden cork, and a cool shape. So I stole it from her, lol. I have covered it with pink and brown clay-- those are her colors. I did a brown roll, and surrounded it by pink, then cut it up, and covered the bottle. I ran out of clay though, and I have about 2 inches all the way around to finish. So I will get some mor, but do a pink roll surrounded in brown clay for the bottom. Then I will give it to her for christmas, lol. It looks way cooler altered!
Yeah, I know, still no pictures. one of these days!
So I have a "I love your blog" award around here somewhere from my good friend Mer, but I haven't done my part of it yet, so I haven't posted it. I will! (promise Mer) I am such a procrastinator, and last minute doofus!
Well, I need to go find me a diet coke so I can stay up the rest of the night. (I am at work) I need a little caffeine jolt going here. ttyl

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Just a quck note

because I don't want to nelgect my blog. :D
Lots happening this week, not all good. But we will get thru. I have been busy this week finishing up my swap christmas bulbs- yes I will get pictures when I get all the ribbon on themj, lol. I hve been cooking-- not just for thanksgiving, but for my plan all week. oh and
I HAVE REACHED MY 100 POUNDS LOST!!!! Can you believe i? in less than a year-- in fact, since March 9th, 2008 I have lost 100 pounds. I am so excited. Especially since I think I can keep it off if I just remember my new eating habits, lol. I have learned to cook without using fat and salt, and have it actually taste pretty good using the hundreds of other spices out there. (hey, butter and salt makes EVERYTHING taste good, lol.
Anyway, lots of our turkey day meal are using subs for the high fat stuff, and you can't really even tell, except it won't leave you feeling so bogged down afterwards. For instance I used nonfat milk and cream of celery soup in my green bean casserole instead of the whole milk, and cream of muchroom.
I used splenda in my cranberry salad instead of sugar. Used light whip cream. I wanted to make my own using dream whip, but the store didn't have any.
My mom has been using chicken broth instead of oil to cook other struff, so I am kind of excited for dinner to see how everything turned out. :D
Well, I hope you all have a fantastic day today! I will be at work tongiht, but I have alot to be thankful for, so i don't mind.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Pretty Monday!

wow, it is a beautiful day here today. crisp and clear, blue sky, and in the 50's. Winter is coming, but I think today is a day to be enjoyed!

So, I am in this swap every year with 11 other girlfriends. We have kind of like a christmas cookie swap, but we also make 12 handmade ornaments, and trade, so we get 11 others that the other girls have made. I have been doing this for about 5 years, and my tree is just full of handmade ornaments every year. I so look forward to adding to it each year. My goal is not to have any store bought ornaments on the tree- some day! I love to load the tree, lol. Anyway, this year I am really pleased with the way my ornaments are turning out!
I will post a picture of them when I done with them, but I discovered how to make canes with sculpy clay. They are so fun to make! I did one cane with a snow flake in the center, and another with a snowman head. So then I sliced them up into small "disks" for lack of a better word, and covered a glass ball with the designs. Then I baked them. So that part is all done. all I need to do now is go buy some matching ribbon (um- I probably have plenty in my ribbon stash, but don't want to search, lolol) and add a bow to the top, along with a sprig of something from hobby lobby. Oh, yeah, and I am going to go buy a can of polyurethine from home depot to coat them with so they will be shiny. I can't wait to finish them, and thought about doing it today-- but it is so dang pretty out! I really need to get out and do some exercise. such is life, we will let you know later what I decided, lol.
I do have to scrap today, I have an assignment using luxe products. Got a ton of it, and it is cool!
Well, better go, the phone is ringing.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Pictures Post!

Well finally got my layouts from the crop scanned, the ones I just did for my DT at scrapbook playground, and the 2 fo Around the block. Thought I would just post in one big ole picture fest, lol. Oh and I threw in one from Halloween night too-- one of me, and one of ds. :D
Now I need to go down and work on some home made christmas ornaments. I have a group every year we do a cookie exchange, as well as a handmade ornament exchange, so I have 12 I need to make before the first week of December. I am going to use poly clay- I will have to post if and when I ever get them done, lol. tata for now! :D
Halloween Pics!

These are for ATB

These are from the Utah Crop

These are for Scrapbook Playground featuring "Scrap Within Reach" paper collection Ellilot"

Monday, November 03, 2008

Again, at a computer with no picture ability!!!!

Seems like every time I post, lol.
Oh well. Just sitting here, just watched the presidental bash from sat. night live, loved it! So funny. Now I am sitting here watching walker texas ranger-- boring! I need a life!
Nothing ultra creative today, I did finish up a layout, and made a necklace. I have ideas, but just can't seem to get started! oh, I did paint a picture frame, and put a layout of dh's mother in it. I am going to give it to him for his birthday next week. I am looking around the house, and it is so sad, every picture of family is of either us or my family. There is none of his.
His parents are both gone, but sheesh, how insensitive of me, I don't even have a picture of them up!! And I thought it was rude when one year we went to see his dad and step mother. There were pictures of the grand kids hanging everywhere. All of them. All of them, except for my baby. He was only 1 year old at the time. I asked Jean (his step mom) if she recieved the pictures I send of bradley (obviously because they were not displayed, lol) and she said "oh yes, they are here" and they were put in a magnetic album. I was sooooo hurt. My precious, was not framed or displayed like any of the other grand kids. (so grand parents, make sure you have all the kids up, lol)
Anyway, dh does not have hardley any pictures of his family. We recieved a few when his mother died a few years ago. I am going to enlarge some of them, and frame them for hanging around the house. No wonder dh feels like this is my house, and not his, lolol. He is so sensitive== but hey, he never said anything!!!
Anyway, I have spent today emailing old friends that I have not talked to in ages. Getting nostalgic I guess. I miss my 20's-- I feel old. dh is going to be 50 this year, makes ME FEEL OLD! Poor guy, but I am not far behind, lol. That is just such a in your face age I guess. Hopefully it will pass without any thing just like 40 did. Now 30-- I had a real problem with that one! I guess it is better than the alternative! :D
Well, off to watch the rest of walker, then to bed. Maybe I can get some layouts I have been doing posted here soon, since no one else will ever see them, lol. tootles!