Monday, November 03, 2008

Again, at a computer with no picture ability!!!!

Seems like every time I post, lol.
Oh well. Just sitting here, just watched the presidental bash from sat. night live, loved it! So funny. Now I am sitting here watching walker texas ranger-- boring! I need a life!
Nothing ultra creative today, I did finish up a layout, and made a necklace. I have ideas, but just can't seem to get started! oh, I did paint a picture frame, and put a layout of dh's mother in it. I am going to give it to him for his birthday next week. I am looking around the house, and it is so sad, every picture of family is of either us or my family. There is none of his.
His parents are both gone, but sheesh, how insensitive of me, I don't even have a picture of them up!! And I thought it was rude when one year we went to see his dad and step mother. There were pictures of the grand kids hanging everywhere. All of them. All of them, except for my baby. He was only 1 year old at the time. I asked Jean (his step mom) if she recieved the pictures I send of bradley (obviously because they were not displayed, lol) and she said "oh yes, they are here" and they were put in a magnetic album. I was sooooo hurt. My precious, was not framed or displayed like any of the other grand kids. (so grand parents, make sure you have all the kids up, lol)
Anyway, dh does not have hardley any pictures of his family. We recieved a few when his mother died a few years ago. I am going to enlarge some of them, and frame them for hanging around the house. No wonder dh feels like this is my house, and not his, lolol. He is so sensitive== but hey, he never said anything!!!
Anyway, I have spent today emailing old friends that I have not talked to in ages. Getting nostalgic I guess. I miss my 20's-- I feel old. dh is going to be 50 this year, makes ME FEEL OLD! Poor guy, but I am not far behind, lol. That is just such a in your face age I guess. Hopefully it will pass without any thing just like 40 did. Now 30-- I had a real problem with that one! I guess it is better than the alternative! :D
Well, off to watch the rest of walker, then to bed. Maybe I can get some layouts I have been doing posted here soon, since no one else will ever see them, lol. tootles!

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Fink said...

Hee hee I am sitting here right now watching Walker Texas Ranger! LOL