Thursday, November 27, 2008

Just a quck note

because I don't want to nelgect my blog. :D
Lots happening this week, not all good. But we will get thru. I have been busy this week finishing up my swap christmas bulbs- yes I will get pictures when I get all the ribbon on themj, lol. I hve been cooking-- not just for thanksgiving, but for my plan all week. oh and
I HAVE REACHED MY 100 POUNDS LOST!!!! Can you believe i? in less than a year-- in fact, since March 9th, 2008 I have lost 100 pounds. I am so excited. Especially since I think I can keep it off if I just remember my new eating habits, lol. I have learned to cook without using fat and salt, and have it actually taste pretty good using the hundreds of other spices out there. (hey, butter and salt makes EVERYTHING taste good, lol.
Anyway, lots of our turkey day meal are using subs for the high fat stuff, and you can't really even tell, except it won't leave you feeling so bogged down afterwards. For instance I used nonfat milk and cream of celery soup in my green bean casserole instead of the whole milk, and cream of muchroom.
I used splenda in my cranberry salad instead of sugar. Used light whip cream. I wanted to make my own using dream whip, but the store didn't have any.
My mom has been using chicken broth instead of oil to cook other struff, so I am kind of excited for dinner to see how everything turned out. :D
Well, I hope you all have a fantastic day today! I will be at work tongiht, but I have alot to be thankful for, so i don't mind.


Stampin' Meg said...

That is such an awesome accomplishment Shellie. You are such an inspiration- you should be so proud of yourself Ms Skinnie Minnie!

Ali said...

I know this is an old entry but I really needed to CONGRATULATE you on your AWESOME achievement. Good golly Miss Molly, you really went for it. Well done, it is truly something to be proud of!