Saturday, November 29, 2008

I have had nooooo scrappy time

man, I really wanted to scrap this week too. Nope. Moved my neice out of her apt. for 2 days-- the 2 days I had reserved for scrappy time. oh well, she is worth it.
I have been getting a little bit of time here and there to work on my christmas balls- it is easier to work on them because the creative mess with them is less, lol. I usually do it while watching tv downstairs with the family. I just play with my poly clay, making the designs into a log roll, and then I have a little lap table, so i can cut the roll into disks, and stick them onto the balls. Then I bake them all at once, easy peasy. I found a really cute stolie bottle in my neices apt. It was some high end alcoholic drink that she should not have had, but the bottle was way cool. It had a wodden cork, and a cool shape. So I stole it from her, lol. I have covered it with pink and brown clay-- those are her colors. I did a brown roll, and surrounded it by pink, then cut it up, and covered the bottle. I ran out of clay though, and I have about 2 inches all the way around to finish. So I will get some mor, but do a pink roll surrounded in brown clay for the bottom. Then I will give it to her for christmas, lol. It looks way cooler altered!
Yeah, I know, still no pictures. one of these days!
So I have a "I love your blog" award around here somewhere from my good friend Mer, but I haven't done my part of it yet, so I haven't posted it. I will! (promise Mer) I am such a procrastinator, and last minute doofus!
Well, I need to go find me a diet coke so I can stay up the rest of the night. (I am at work) I need a little caffeine jolt going here. ttyl


Andrea Amu said...

Your ornament ssound really cool, Shellie! I'd love to see a picture of one.

Yes, I too would love some scrappy time... I hate this time of year because there's so much other stuff to do that scrapping always gets pushed aside. :(

Fink said...

Sounds like the bottle you took turned out cute!