Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I just haven't had any time!

So I am at work right now, been wanting to update, and find I can't do a good job of that without my computer, lol. Has all my pictures and stuff on it.
So the ebay guy finally sent the package after I went to paypal to get my money back. But I had told him I didn't want the thing now, it was to late, he was a liar, cause he said he had mailed it when he didn't and I didn't want to do business with him. I told him ot to send it or I would send it back. He sent it anyway, and paypal closed the case. that really irritates me. I tried to reopen it, but the sit wont let me. It says you can appeal, but there is no place I can find to appeal. probably should just drop it, lol.
Well, I went to Utah for the Creativexpress crop-- It was such a good time! I got to see old friends, and new ones I hadn't met in real life yet. We had such a blast! I will post some pictures when I get a moment.
I recieved a box of goodies from Around The Block for my DT stuff-- ohh scrappy treats! very fun stuff. Got paper treats, a gun tagger, with tags that are pre-fab to use. Some 7gypsies paper, frames, and chipboards, I got ends to the paper gator- but I don't have one, so maybe that will be later. :P Now If I can just carve out a few minutes to scrap, all will be well.
Are you ready for Halloween yet? We decorated this year, but I have not bought any candy yet. Afraid dh and ds will eat it all before then, so I guess I will go out on the 31st and get some, lol. I don't want to get into it either. hmmmmmm maybe pencils and erasers would be a better treat for this year. I just may do that much to my boys dismay, lol. I don't want to be tempted anyway-- there is enough here at work to avoid!
ok, well, I better get busy, just wanted to update a tad so it doesn't look like I am neglecting my bloggie. :D

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I am a tad bit irritated at an ebay guy.

So I have painter X, and it is such a cool program! BUT you really need a wacom tablet to get it's full capacity, so I went onto ebay and bought one. I paid on sept. 23rd. I have not seen hide nor hair of it! it has been 3 weeks. I have emailed him, first on the 30th of sept. and he said, sorry, i am mailing it tomorrow. Then on the 7th, where he said he didn't have a tracking number, but he had mailed it. Now this guy has over 1000 feedback, and has sold a ton of these tablets, so where is mine? I paid for priority shipping too! Now Priority shipping to means I will get my product within 3-7 days, tops, not 3-7 days after he decides to sick it in the mail. I was so anxious to try it out, now I won't be able to until after the Utah crop-- assuming it gets here before then.
I am going to zip him another email that says if I don't get it by tuesday (3 weeks?) that I am going to request my money back from paypal--unless he can provide me a tracking number. And I will be leaving negative feedback at that time. I hate leaving negative feedback- but you know- if your going to run a business- then you need to run it- am I being to harh or impatient?

On another note, I can't wait to to go Utah this next weekend!! I have so much to do until then, but no time to do it, lol. I am working until wed. and then leave bright and early on thrusday morning. ugg- lots of packing and planning to do.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I am very excited!!

I tried out for the Design team "Around the block". They are a manufacturer company of tools and treats for scrapbookers. (mostly). This is their website here. http://www.aroundtheblockproducts.com.
Anyway, I made the team! yay! I love thier brads, and paper treats, they have so much. i am looking forward to using their tools- especially the paper gator, which is a corner rounder that will do a ton of pages at once. I only have one other design team commitment, which is pretty low key, so I thought this would be fun. This company is owned by a parent company that also owns 7 gypsies (love their stuff) and the newly reformed Chatterbox (oh, love all their new goodies too) So I will get to be working with their products as well. I am very happy! :D