Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I just haven't had any time!

So I am at work right now, been wanting to update, and find I can't do a good job of that without my computer, lol. Has all my pictures and stuff on it.
So the ebay guy finally sent the package after I went to paypal to get my money back. But I had told him I didn't want the thing now, it was to late, he was a liar, cause he said he had mailed it when he didn't and I didn't want to do business with him. I told him ot to send it or I would send it back. He sent it anyway, and paypal closed the case. that really irritates me. I tried to reopen it, but the sit wont let me. It says you can appeal, but there is no place I can find to appeal. probably should just drop it, lol.
Well, I went to Utah for the Creativexpress crop-- It was such a good time! I got to see old friends, and new ones I hadn't met in real life yet. We had such a blast! I will post some pictures when I get a moment.
I recieved a box of goodies from Around The Block for my DT stuff-- ohh scrappy treats! very fun stuff. Got paper treats, a gun tagger, with tags that are pre-fab to use. Some 7gypsies paper, frames, and chipboards, I got ends to the paper gator- but I don't have one, so maybe that will be later. :P Now If I can just carve out a few minutes to scrap, all will be well.
Are you ready for Halloween yet? We decorated this year, but I have not bought any candy yet. Afraid dh and ds will eat it all before then, so I guess I will go out on the 31st and get some, lol. I don't want to get into it either. hmmmmmm maybe pencils and erasers would be a better treat for this year. I just may do that much to my boys dismay, lol. I don't want to be tempted anyway-- there is enough here at work to avoid!
ok, well, I better get busy, just wanted to update a tad so it doesn't look like I am neglecting my bloggie. :D


Kristy said...

It was SO good to see you again!

I can't believe how amazing you look my friend!

Library Bunny said...

It was great meeting you in Utah girl, we have to do it again.

Mer said...

So...when you gonna hook me up with super diet? I'm ready and waiting....;)

Fink said...

You looked so good! I wish I would have come this time but I could not since I did GA! I don't blame you for not excepting his package! You were right in not doing that