Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hello Bloppers!

Welcome to my little part of Outta This Funk's Blog Hop/blop! Hopefully you have found your way thus far, I think Wendy sent you over to me. Hope you have enjoyed the ride so far!
So what I have is a layout of my ds and I. I just love this paper, and thought it made really pretty "mother's day" type paper for a layout about me. (since I am the mother, lol) I love the bold color, and I am just going to have to get me some more of this paper. My challenge to you today is- create a layout having to do with mothers day-- one with you and your kids, you mother, grandmother, mother in law, somebody elses mother- who ever! :D Let me know you did it by leaving me a comment, and posting it on the outta this funk site by next saturday, and I will give away a little scrappy something to the winner. :D

Don't forget to leave me a comment, let me know you came- cause as you can see by my previous posts-I don't get many visitors. (or my blog is just to b-o-r-i-n-g, lol.- kind of like my life right now)
So I am going to send you on to the next little blogette-- icutthescrap and we will see what she has in store for you!
(hopefully everyone has posted their link to the next person. But if in your travels you find someone broke the link, you can go back to the home blog at and find a link to the next person in line) Don't forget to leave a comment! Have a happy saturday--I will be sleeping most of it away since I worked last night, and will have to catch up tonight. :D

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another note

I just saw the date on the blog post, and I realized today, 16 years ago I lost one of my best friends to domestic violence. Her dh killed her and both of their children April 19th, 1993. Makes me sad. It was also the day waco texas burned down, and the day Timothy mcvey bombed ok. city. OK, I hope this doesn't ruin my day now.

Got the Planter done!

almost--I need about 10 more bricks to finish it off. Then I can plant. But I think I am going to go get some peat pots today and start the plants in there--I hear your plants do better if you start them that way. I wouldn't know since I have never really grown anything, lol. well, maybe except for bulb tulips and daffodills.
I bought a new cabinet for my scrappy room too- got it in, but my scrappy room is a complete and utter mess. I don't even want to go in there, it is to overwhelming, lol. a little at a time I guess. :D
Yes, I actually got dh to do the first row of planter bricks. He didn't want to hear me bitch while he went to play golf, so we dragged ds out there too under great protest, and all worked on it together. ds whined the entire time, but I told im he couldn't go play until he gave me an hour of quality time. He still didn't do much, but I got a little out of him. Then he wnet off to play at his friends. He is really going to be mad in about 30 minutes when I make him go to wal mart with me for some seeds, peat pots, fertilizer, and the like, lol. Having a 10 year old is wonderful. (not) sassy, never wants to do anything with his parents. I long for the days now when he always wanted to be with us. Guess those are gone forever. :D
Well, off to give my little puggles a bath, she is sitting on my lap, and she stinks! Looks like I am going to make everyone happy on this fine sunday afternoon! :D
(it is a beautiful day today here in our corner of the world)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A new hobby!

oh my gosh, I can't believe I am going to share this, lolol. I can't believe it because I am wearing no make-up, and I look 50 years older than I feel, or even see my self-- why is that? You look in the mirror, and see one image, and then on camera-- you look totally older than you see yourself. Maybe it is a protective thing? lol. Anyway, I bought a new little flip video camcorder. I LOVE IT!!!!! You can record up to an hour-- it is totally digital, and you can edit on your computer. (although I had trouble with this, the program kept crashing, probably user error) Anyway- I made my first mini movie of sorts. I worked my butt off today getting the gound ready for my garden. Now I would have gotten alot further if John would have helped me like he said he would, and if My bff would have came over to help me lay bricks like she said she would. Oh well, can't expect people to jump on board when it involves work! (although they could have said no) Anyway, I got the yard tilled, and just recorded it to try out my new little cam. I heart it! ok, take a look, and if it gets to boring, just hit the little bar to fast forward, lol. Garden in the making!.wmv
(it won't load my video up to here, so here is a link instead.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I'm a celebrity!

hahaha, not really, but I am the featured person for the month of april at . that is the diet plan I went on last march 9, 2008. I have lost 107 pounds, and now am in the "living lean" phase. (ie-forever) It really wasn't that hard to do, it was just the getting started! Now I may get to go for an all expense paid trip to LosAngeles for a makeover and a part in the informericial. how fun is that? I don't know If I will get to go though, they don't have the exact shoot dates yet, and my work schedule is out. Depends on if someone can trade, or if I already have it off. wish me luck! Here is the link. I am the bottom right square, wearing the pink glasses! :d

OH AND!!! So today I went to the uniform shop to buy a couple of new uniforms, cause mine hang on me. So I want hot pink, and there are none in medium. darn it! none! Infact, every color I wanted, there were no mediums. I was ready to walk out when I spotted a pair of brown scrubs in medium in the style I wanted. so I go take them in the dressing room and THEY ARE TO BIG! so I am thinking no way. double check the size, they say medium. I just figured they were mismarked. so I go out and get several pairs of the colors I wanted in a small, go back in, and PERFECT FIT! oh my gosh, I can't believe I am wearing a small anything. Just made my day. I ended up spending 110.00. :D