Sunday, September 28, 2008

Color Sunday

Oh, I love fall! so pretty. We went up to the lake today, fished for 3 hours, and ds caught the only fish. My mom and dad went, and me and ds. dh HAD to watch football-- broncos lost, lol. serves him right! Here are a couple of pics I took up there.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Well, I have been a scrapping fool!

I have really been enjoying myself the last few days. I need to get my butt out of the scrap room, and work on picking up the house, lol. Here are a few of my creations. I like them all when I did them, but now I am rethinking the bird one, lol. Why do we do that?
Oh, whoo hoo, I made the next round at badgirls. BUT this week the class is on negative space, and balence. I suck at negative space, but did it, and actually like the layout. that one is first, it is the "us" layout. hmmmm, I must like that picture, I scrapped it twice, lol. Actually the print maching went crazy at sams and I got triples for the price of singles. Just what I needed.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Want to win a free Cricut Cartridge?

Go on over to and find out how. ;)
Oh, and we want to see new layouts, not ones you have lying around. This is a challenge- and some of us are going to be posting ours at the end of the month.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Header

ok, saw the froggies at Meg's blog, and not to be a copy cat, but I just HAD to have them! they are so stinkin cute!!! So this is actually a stamp set, which I had to go right out and order. It is by Rachel Miller, and you can do a google, then find a store that sells them.

What's up?

Well, I just finished a 6 night stretch, and I am throughly enjoying my days off. :D
I got my new cricut cartridges in the mail-- Storytime, stretch your imagination, and paper doll dress up, so I have been playing!
So this is my entry for this weeks class over at badgirls. The assignment is using more that 2 pattern papers, and drawing out the colors of your photo. Is this to much? IDid I kind of go overboard? I like the layout, it just seems a little- well- busy, lol. Let me know what you think, I have until sunday to post it. :D

OR-- should I use this one that I just finished? Not so sure I like these pictures, they were 85 pounds ago. :D

Still doing well on my new way of eating, but my loss has stalled this week. That's ok, I know it has to move sooner or later! that last 20 pounds is always the toughest they say.

I am going to a crop in October in Utah with my friends from Creative express. I have such sweet and fun friends!! Kristy isn't going to be there because they are going on a vacation, but she has offered her house for me to stay in. What a sweet heart! Then Amy says I am welcome to stay at another gals house too. I think Mer and I plan on getting a hotel room, if she still wants- even though she lives in Utah, lol. I am really excited! Can't wait to see my old friends, and meet some that I have not met in person before! dh doesn't even know I am going yet, I haven't told him because i don't want him to suddenly make plans, and then leave it to me to figure out what to do with ds, lol. He has done that before--I think he doesn't like to stay home alone, so he tries to plan a trip to denver to visit his friend. I'll let him know maybe 3 days before, after I ask him wht he is doing for the weekend, lol. I am such a stinker, I know how to work around him, I tell ya! Gotta love him though. OK, more later. :D

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mandarin Pixie

OK, kind of sad, but great news for all you stamps! Mandarin Pixie is going out of business. What does that mean for you? Everything is on sale for .50- 4.00! So if you want to pick up some great stamps, really cheap-- head on over there. :D

I got tagged.

OK, Mer tagged me, and now I have to list 6 quirky things about myself. All of hers fit me, but I guess it wouldn't be nice to copy and paste, huh? So
Link back to the person who tagged you
List the rules on your blog
Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of your own
Tag 6 "unsuspecting" bloggers to complete

Pretty simple,eh? Until you get to the 6 unspectacular quirks of your own. That's tough!

so here goes.

1. I can not stand slap stick comedy. hate it. Stupid shows do not make me laugh. example the movie "Airplane" or more recently "Don't mess with the zohan" Just dumb dumb, I usually turn it off, or leave the room. And I won't go see one in the theather if i even think it MIGHT be slapstick.

2.I have to sing along when the radio is on. I just do. I have to be very careful about this though, because I really can't carry a tune, so it depends on who is around. I really get in trouble with my Ipod, cause I tend to sing along with that too. I even caught myself singing along to it in walmart, lost in my own little world. Probably freaked a few people out-- no wonder they were looking at me funny.

3. I am a compulsive shopper. I will go to the store for something, and sometimes I leave without ever getting the one item I went in for, because I got distracted, and spend 200.00 on other junk. If I like it, I buy it. I don't even know if I can afford it half the time, but I buy it anyway. I used to buy like that for dh, but he never appreciated it, so I quit, and started spending it on me. :D And I rarely take anything back. even if it doesn't fit, or I decide I don't like it after all-- it sits in my closet, or some other storage place in the house. I have clothes in my closet I have had for 2 years, with the tags still on them. You think the store would take it back now?

4. Well in continuation of 3-- I am a pack rat. I keep every freaken thing, cause I might "need" it someday. Drives dh crazy cause he is total opposite! I have found things in our trash that he tries to sneak out, thinks I won't miss it, and I drag it back in. I have to check the trash every week by the curb to make sure he didn't throw something I want away. I haven't gotten to the point of only pathways in the house, lol, hopefully I can work on letting go. :D

5. I love pj's! I own probably 30 different pajamas, and I have to wear them (the matching set) to bed. No sleeping in my undies, or the buff, I am just not comfortable.

6. I am all or nothing. If I start a project, book or what ever, I will not do anything else until it is done. If I quit- then it will never get done, ever. I have been able to leave pages half done and return to them, but only because they were left out. If I start a book, I cannot put it down- or I won't pick it up again. That is why I am not a reader-- I would be there for 24 hours, or how ever long it took to finish the thing, lol.

ok, I will be back to edit- with my 6 unsuspecting victims. :D

ok, back. I am it, and I tag

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Well Good Wednsday Morning!

So, I am sitting here, just got brad off to school-- he is walking with a friend. Then all of a sudden-splat- a torrential downpour! Man it is raining! So I run out to the car, and drive off to go find them. There they are- 2 soaked little rats, not even half way to school, lol. So I pick them up, and the only thing my son was worried about is what his friends were going to think, because I was still in my pajamas! I told him, I was going to get out at the drop off point, and do a little dancwe in the rain so all his friends could see. (smirk) He about had a cow. "You better not mom" (I didn't, I didn't want to get wet, lol)

Night before last I took a pretty good spill. I was trying to be quiet so I would wake up dh, walking toward the bed. ds had taken his shoes off in my room, it was dark, and I tripped on it. I went flying! I did one of those trips where you run to catch your balence- but there was only about 3 feet to run in, as I headed toward the window. Thought I was gonna go thru it! I managed to hit the wall, bounce back, and fall onto the night stand, knocking everything off it before I hit the floor. Ouch! Now I have a huge bruise on my hip, where it caught the corner of the night stand, I have a sprained ankle, and both my knees are killing me. It pains to walk up the stairs. damm shoe.

OK, so I have become the area photogpher around here, lol. When I was in school, you had your senior pictures done by the school. They would not accept outside pictures. (I know this because I am not in the yearbook, they wouldn't take my picture done by olin mills, lol) Anyway, now you have to go get them done at your choice of place and submit them to the school. Well, the cheapest both my friends found were over 200.00, and that was only for a few prints. So we set up dates, and I went out and took pictures for them. Now I am not a photogpher, but I think I got a few suitable pictures for them to use. They were happy.But I have been having fun with my paint program too, and in editing them, I added a few little extras, lol. The first one is Romell, and the second is Marisa.

I was happy to save my friends some money. :D

The Bad contest started yesterday. They moved servers, so are having website problems. hope they get it fixed soon. Yesterday there ere about 10 layouts already for the first "class" and now they are gone. I uploaded mine last night, but may have to redo it. This one was all about layering. So I went to town with my cricut! I love that thing! Anyway-- here is my layout for this week-- you think it is to much?

Well, I guess I will see if I make "honor roll" next week, lol.

I had someone steal my credit card info on my scrapbook rewards visa. They changed my profile, my mailing addy to somewhere in kansas, and then ordered an HP computer system online. My cc caught it, but man, I am having to jump thru hoops! I am so irritated. I have to sign affidavits, mail them in-- make a police report-- which is not easy feat. It appears since I am in the county, I have to go thru the sherrif's office. For them, I have to fill out a "fraud packet", then set up an interview wih the officer in charge of that. Only that officer is there only 2 days a week, and they are not the same 2 days. grrrrr. So I went yesterday-- nope- try back again tomorrow. It's not like the office is next door either. I am extremely irritated. then I get the notice from the cc co yesterday that it has to be filled out by the 10th (today) or they will "assume" the charges are legit. grrrrrrrr. one day? Why is it so easy to steal cc numbers, but almost impossible to correct them? mad is an understatement!
Anywho, I guess I better get going on that fruad packet, and get r done. I have to go back to work tomorrow night-- another 6 nights of sheer fun. (hahaha)

Friday, September 05, 2008

Wow,, 3 months?

eeek! I vowed I was going to keep up too! Oh well, I guess I will begin again. :D

Since my last posting a ton has happened. My weight loss continues-I think I have this healthy eating down. It is saying away from the junk that still remains the problem, but I am doing pretty well. My total is up to 85 pounds lost, and 22 pounds to go. Of coarse everyone tells me I don't need to lose anymore, but they don't see the flabby thighs either, lol. I am wearing a size 10 misses, 12 regular clothes. feels good to be able to buy off the rack instead of layne bryant! Of coarse the household budget doesn't like it very well. I will be scrambling to make sure there is enough in the bank for my automatic house payment deduction, lol.
I also started taking 10% of my gross wages and putting it into a 403 retirement account. OUCH! that is a big hunk of change every check, but it is something I have to do. Besides my work will match up to 6%, so I felt I had to do it, that is free money from them. I will thank myself in 25 years, lol.

I am no longer designing for CreativeXpress. No longer designing for Everlasting Keepsakes, or anyone for that matter, except for my DT at scrapbookplayground. It takes off alot of pressure for me, I can now do some stuff for me! :D I am still doing outtathisfunk, but that is pretty low key, so I have time to do other stuff now! I just completed a mini album for my neice, I will do the cover this week. :D
I entered the contest at, so we will see how that goes. It starts monday. :D
I quit my kit clubs. Poppyink- they had some awesome kits, but were a tad high for what you got. My other one was, and while I loved the kits, they were unusual, they were not worth it. Retail seemed like half of what you paid, but what do I know? I need to use up my stash anyway.
Maybe I will join another after christmas, and all that stuff is behind me.
Personally- I got a great job review this year, I was really surprised after the last 2 years. I felt like someone was watching me all the time, lol. But things have been good there now, and I guess it showed, got alot of exceeds expectations- so :P.
We went on vacation in July, spent a week down by the beach. very relaxing, loved it! did alot of shopping there too, lol. OK, here is a picture of dh and I down by the coast. That's all for now, gotta try and get ds off to school, he says he doesn't feel good today- we will see. :D