Friday, September 05, 2008

Wow,, 3 months?

eeek! I vowed I was going to keep up too! Oh well, I guess I will begin again. :D

Since my last posting a ton has happened. My weight loss continues-I think I have this healthy eating down. It is saying away from the junk that still remains the problem, but I am doing pretty well. My total is up to 85 pounds lost, and 22 pounds to go. Of coarse everyone tells me I don't need to lose anymore, but they don't see the flabby thighs either, lol. I am wearing a size 10 misses, 12 regular clothes. feels good to be able to buy off the rack instead of layne bryant! Of coarse the household budget doesn't like it very well. I will be scrambling to make sure there is enough in the bank for my automatic house payment deduction, lol.
I also started taking 10% of my gross wages and putting it into a 403 retirement account. OUCH! that is a big hunk of change every check, but it is something I have to do. Besides my work will match up to 6%, so I felt I had to do it, that is free money from them. I will thank myself in 25 years, lol.

I am no longer designing for CreativeXpress. No longer designing for Everlasting Keepsakes, or anyone for that matter, except for my DT at scrapbookplayground. It takes off alot of pressure for me, I can now do some stuff for me! :D I am still doing outtathisfunk, but that is pretty low key, so I have time to do other stuff now! I just completed a mini album for my neice, I will do the cover this week. :D
I entered the contest at, so we will see how that goes. It starts monday. :D
I quit my kit clubs. Poppyink- they had some awesome kits, but were a tad high for what you got. My other one was, and while I loved the kits, they were unusual, they were not worth it. Retail seemed like half of what you paid, but what do I know? I need to use up my stash anyway.
Maybe I will join another after christmas, and all that stuff is behind me.
Personally- I got a great job review this year, I was really surprised after the last 2 years. I felt like someone was watching me all the time, lol. But things have been good there now, and I guess it showed, got alot of exceeds expectations- so :P.
We went on vacation in July, spent a week down by the beach. very relaxing, loved it! did alot of shopping there too, lol. OK, here is a picture of dh and I down by the coast. That's all for now, gotta try and get ds off to school, he says he doesn't feel good today- we will see. :D


Kristy said...

YEAH! I'm so happy you updated! Way to go on the weight loss girl! I'm stuck. I'm not complaining though.

I am sad that I wont get to see you in October. Or most likely wont anyway.

Keep up the posting!

Sherie said...

Wow! 85 lbs! That is awesome! I've been on a see saw for so long, I am hoping this latest venture is the trick!

Congrats, that is terrific!

Mer said...

Yay!! You updated!

Congrats on the weight loss...that is AWESOME! And the good job review...that is way cool too!

Can't wait until OCT...whoo hooo!

Stampin' Meg said...

hey Shellie- I love that pic of you and your DH. Congrats on your weight loss- that is an awesome accomplishment.
Thanks for visisting my blog -that artist Rachelle Anne Miller does have a line of stamps out-I beleive thay are called Lilly and Otis,

~Nancy~ said...

Yay on your weight loss and your Job review!!!! WOOHOO! So glad to see you updating again girlie!!!!! XOXO

Peggy Severins said...

Oh shellie I am so proud of you, 85lbs and all by yourself. You go girl!!!

Fink said...

Wow, that is a great weight loss! Keep up the good work! Stopped by to say hi! Have missed you too!