Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Well Good Wednsday Morning!

So, I am sitting here, just got brad off to school-- he is walking with a friend. Then all of a sudden-splat- a torrential downpour! Man it is raining! So I run out to the car, and drive off to go find them. There they are- 2 soaked little rats, not even half way to school, lol. So I pick them up, and the only thing my son was worried about is what his friends were going to think, because I was still in my pajamas! I told him, I was going to get out at the drop off point, and do a little dancwe in the rain so all his friends could see. (smirk) He about had a cow. "You better not mom" (I didn't, I didn't want to get wet, lol)

Night before last I took a pretty good spill. I was trying to be quiet so I would wake up dh, walking toward the bed. ds had taken his shoes off in my room, it was dark, and I tripped on it. I went flying! I did one of those trips where you run to catch your balence- but there was only about 3 feet to run in, as I headed toward the window. Thought I was gonna go thru it! I managed to hit the wall, bounce back, and fall onto the night stand, knocking everything off it before I hit the floor. Ouch! Now I have a huge bruise on my hip, where it caught the corner of the night stand, I have a sprained ankle, and both my knees are killing me. It pains to walk up the stairs. damm shoe.

OK, so I have become the area photogpher around here, lol. When I was in school, you had your senior pictures done by the school. They would not accept outside pictures. (I know this because I am not in the yearbook, they wouldn't take my picture done by olin mills, lol) Anyway, now you have to go get them done at your choice of place and submit them to the school. Well, the cheapest both my friends found were over 200.00, and that was only for a few prints. So we set up dates, and I went out and took pictures for them. Now I am not a photogpher, but I think I got a few suitable pictures for them to use. They were happy.But I have been having fun with my paint program too, and in editing them, I added a few little extras, lol. The first one is Romell, and the second is Marisa.

I was happy to save my friends some money. :D

The Bad contest started yesterday. They moved servers, so are having website problems. hope they get it fixed soon. Yesterday there ere about 10 layouts already for the first "class" and now they are gone. I uploaded mine last night, but may have to redo it. This one was all about layering. So I went to town with my cricut! I love that thing! Anyway-- here is my layout for this week-- you think it is to much?

Well, I guess I will see if I make "honor roll" next week, lol.

I had someone steal my credit card info on my scrapbook rewards visa. They changed my profile, my mailing addy to somewhere in kansas, and then ordered an HP computer system online. My cc caught it, but man, I am having to jump thru hoops! I am so irritated. I have to sign affidavits, mail them in-- make a police report-- which is not easy feat. It appears since I am in the county, I have to go thru the sherrif's office. For them, I have to fill out a "fraud packet", then set up an interview wih the officer in charge of that. Only that officer is there only 2 days a week, and they are not the same 2 days. grrrrr. So I went yesterday-- nope- try back again tomorrow. It's not like the office is next door either. I am extremely irritated. then I get the notice from the cc co yesterday that it has to be filled out by the 10th (today) or they will "assume" the charges are legit. grrrrrrrr. one day? Why is it so easy to steal cc numbers, but almost impossible to correct them? mad is an understatement!
Anywho, I guess I better get going on that fruad packet, and get r done. I have to go back to work tomorrow night-- another 6 nights of sheer fun. (hahaha)


Kristy said...

Oh Shellie. I'm so sorry about your credit card. Any idea how they stole the information? Or did they get the actual card. SO frustrating. Hope it all works out well!

Cari said...

Shellie, sorry to hear about all those owies and the big one with the credit card!
Glad you're doing well though. Miss you too!!

Staci Compher said...

that sucks bout the credit card....and the fall!! ouch!! and congrats on the 85 pounds, that is awesome....hope to be that successful....

Stampin' Meg said...

Man what a bummer about your stuff being stolen,Shellie-it's amazing how little the police seem to care anymore. That spill sounds like a doozie. Be glad that you are not old- you'd have broken a hip and your kids would have put you in a SNF (that's one way to keep you from embarassing them in front of their school friends!)
Good luck with the contest but just remember what I told ya before about that gal.

Mer said...

Ouch...that credit card stuff really stinks! I'm so sorry!

Do you remember when you were little and you could fall and be totally fine? LOL...I miss those days! Now we fall and can't move for three days. ;)

I tagged you...check out my blog. :)