Thursday, September 18, 2008

What's up?

Well, I just finished a 6 night stretch, and I am throughly enjoying my days off. :D
I got my new cricut cartridges in the mail-- Storytime, stretch your imagination, and paper doll dress up, so I have been playing!
So this is my entry for this weeks class over at badgirls. The assignment is using more that 2 pattern papers, and drawing out the colors of your photo. Is this to much? IDid I kind of go overboard? I like the layout, it just seems a little- well- busy, lol. Let me know what you think, I have until sunday to post it. :D

OR-- should I use this one that I just finished? Not so sure I like these pictures, they were 85 pounds ago. :D

Still doing well on my new way of eating, but my loss has stalled this week. That's ok, I know it has to move sooner or later! that last 20 pounds is always the toughest they say.

I am going to a crop in October in Utah with my friends from Creative express. I have such sweet and fun friends!! Kristy isn't going to be there because they are going on a vacation, but she has offered her house for me to stay in. What a sweet heart! Then Amy says I am welcome to stay at another gals house too. I think Mer and I plan on getting a hotel room, if she still wants- even though she lives in Utah, lol. I am really excited! Can't wait to see my old friends, and meet some that I have not met in person before! dh doesn't even know I am going yet, I haven't told him because i don't want him to suddenly make plans, and then leave it to me to figure out what to do with ds, lol. He has done that before--I think he doesn't like to stay home alone, so he tries to plan a trip to denver to visit his friend. I'll let him know maybe 3 days before, after I ask him wht he is doing for the weekend, lol. I am such a stinker, I know how to work around him, I tell ya! Gotta love him though. OK, more later. :D


HeatherC said...

Hey Shellie! Well for a class I think the "Daddy's Girl" layout would work the best. People always seem to like the bright colors. However, I do prefer the "I am Woman" layout. I really like what you did with the eyelets in the tree. Very inventive. So not much help here. But for a class maybe the top layout. Good luck!

Sherie said...

Hey Shellie! I like the I am Woman one. I like the other one too, but I really like the Woman one the best. It just drew my attention to it better.

Stampin' Meg said...

I am soooooo excited to meet up with you and Mer in October!!!!
These LO's are great-I could just hear a silent "Roar"! from the I am woman one