Monday, June 02, 2008

Oh boy, been awhile

Sorry! I have just been so busy, blah blah blah. Actually I could have blogged if I wanted to, I just haven't felt like doing anything. I am so lazy.
Well, since my last post, I have lost a total of 53 pounds. I need to go up to the other computer and post my before and after pictures up to now. I just seem to always be on the wrong computer!
I can't say this new eating lifestyle is easy--there are lots of things I miss. I will be able to add things back in once I am done with the reduction phase, but alias, I really want some cheese. :D

Scrappy wise, I haven't done a darn thing! barely keeping up with my assignments. I do plan on scrapping tomorrow, but then again, I was going to do that today too, lol.

Summer is here- over here. It has been in the 90's this week, hot!!! Brad is having a blast with all the neighbor kids over here playing on the bumb n jump slide. Much to my dismay- I keep telling them to bring their own towels, lol. I am sick of the laundry. ugg!

Well, Robyn tagged me, I guess I better go see what that is all about, and ds is bugging me to make cookies- So I guess I will go put on the domestic apron for a bit.