Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A new hobby!

oh my gosh, I can't believe I am going to share this, lolol. I can't believe it because I am wearing no make-up, and I look 50 years older than I feel, or even see my self-- why is that? You look in the mirror, and see one image, and then on camera-- you look totally older than you see yourself. Maybe it is a protective thing? lol. Anyway, I bought a new little flip video camcorder. I LOVE IT!!!!! You can record up to an hour-- it is totally digital, and you can edit on your computer. (although I had trouble with this, the program kept crashing, probably user error) Anyway- I made my first mini movie of sorts. I worked my butt off today getting the gound ready for my garden. Now I would have gotten alot further if John would have helped me like he said he would, and if My bff would have came over to help me lay bricks like she said she would. Oh well, can't expect people to jump on board when it involves work! (although they could have said no) Anyway, I got the yard tilled, and just recorded it to try out my new little cam. I heart it! ok, take a look, and if it gets to boring, just hit the little bar to fast forward, lol. Garden in the making!.wmv
(it won't load my video up to here, so here is a link instead.

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