Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I'm a celebrity!

hahaha, not really, but I am the featured person for the month of april at mybodymakeover.com . that is the diet plan I went on last march 9, 2008. I have lost 107 pounds, and now am in the "living lean" phase. (ie-forever) It really wasn't that hard to do, it was just the getting started! Now I may get to go for an all expense paid trip to LosAngeles for a makeover and a part in the informericial. how fun is that? I don't know If I will get to go though, they don't have the exact shoot dates yet, and my work schedule is out. Depends on if someone can trade, or if I already have it off. wish me luck! Here is the link. I am the bottom right square, wearing the pink glasses! :d

OH AND!!! So today I went to the uniform shop to buy a couple of new uniforms, cause mine hang on me. So I want hot pink, and there are none in medium. darn it! none! Infact, every color I wanted, there were no mediums. I was ready to walk out when I spotted a pair of brown scrubs in medium in the style I wanted. so I go take them in the dressing room and THEY ARE TO BIG! so I am thinking no way. double check the size, they say medium. I just figured they were mismarked. so I go out and get several pairs of the colors I wanted in a small, go back in, and PERFECT FIT! oh my gosh, I can't believe I am wearing a small anything. Just made my day. I ended up spending 110.00. :D

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