Saturday, October 11, 2008

I am a tad bit irritated at an ebay guy.

So I have painter X, and it is such a cool program! BUT you really need a wacom tablet to get it's full capacity, so I went onto ebay and bought one. I paid on sept. 23rd. I have not seen hide nor hair of it! it has been 3 weeks. I have emailed him, first on the 30th of sept. and he said, sorry, i am mailing it tomorrow. Then on the 7th, where he said he didn't have a tracking number, but he had mailed it. Now this guy has over 1000 feedback, and has sold a ton of these tablets, so where is mine? I paid for priority shipping too! Now Priority shipping to means I will get my product within 3-7 days, tops, not 3-7 days after he decides to sick it in the mail. I was so anxious to try it out, now I won't be able to until after the Utah crop-- assuming it gets here before then.
I am going to zip him another email that says if I don't get it by tuesday (3 weeks?) that I am going to request my money back from paypal--unless he can provide me a tracking number. And I will be leaving negative feedback at that time. I hate leaving negative feedback- but you know- if your going to run a business- then you need to run it- am I being to harh or impatient?

On another note, I can't wait to to go Utah this next weekend!! I have so much to do until then, but no time to do it, lol. I am working until wed. and then leave bright and early on thrusday morning. ugg- lots of packing and planning to do.


Mer said...

What a dork.

Tell him to mail your schtinkin' package already or he's going to have a hoard of angry scrappin' women on his doorstep!

I can't believe the crop is this close! So, um, I need to get on the ball about the hotel..huh? I probably won't be staying at the crop until midnight on Sat, and will go home that night...because we have church at 9 and a big family get together on Sun. When are you planning on driving home?

Call you have my number?

Kristy said...

Sheesh girly...I'd have sold you mine...for a swingin' deal!

I bought mine to design rubons and haven't touched it since.

There it sits....collecting dust.

Maybe I should try ebaying mine. Heck, I could use a buck.

Fink said...

Tell him to mail it or I am coming to kick his &%$!!!! Hee hee. Don't you hate that when they don't hold up their end! I wish I could have been there with you in Utah would have loved to see you again!

joybear said...

Oh no...hope it has shown up by now!!

Mer said...

hey! update update update!!!

anabellpepper said...

So did the tablet finally make it? My hubby got me one for my birthday. It is my favorite toy for touching up my photos.