Thursday, March 05, 2009

Well, lots has happened since I have updated

I just can't rmemeber it all, lol. Here are some layouts I have done in the last month. I didn't realise I did so many. :D It sure is fun to go in and create just for you, not thinking about if they need to be good enough for a design team or not. getting back into the love of the craft!

So, I REACHED my weight loss goal!! 107 pounds down, and now I have to maintain that. :^|. So far so good, I am down 1 pound below my goal. I reached it feb. 19th, 2 days before my birthday! It was a great birthday present to myself! My parents bought me a food saver for my BD, I love the thing! I buy alot of fresh veggies and make food for the whole week, so this is really helping me not only portion out my food, but keep it fresher longer. It is a wonderful device. :D

Well, gotta run for now, it is 10 am and I am still in my jammies. :D


Jen N said...

You've been busy!!! These are all so bright, cheerful, and just plain fun to stare at! Love em!

Karen said...

I love that page with the circle with the boxes inside!

Beautiful stuff :)

Natty said...

Shellie, I don't think I've told you lately how much I love your style!!!!!!!! Your pages are so much fun to look at and they are so full of happiness!!!