Thursday, March 26, 2009

Woke up this morning to SNOW!

The kind that sticks for awhile. What is up with that? My daffodills are blooming! grrrrr. I am so ready for winter to be over.
This was the last night off of my stretch, back to work tonight for 6 on. That is ok, my mom is in the hospital, so I can see her more. She had a parathroidectomy last WEDENSDAY and now her calicum levels are way to low, they can't seem to get them up. So what happens when they are up? you send her home, and they fall again? They don't have an answer for that. She is very frustrated.
So I did some cleaning out of my garage, I have 4 boxes of scrappy stuff I am going to donate to the developmental center here for the mds girls. They want to start scrapbooking, I think this will be a great start for them! I have about 2 feet of pattern paper, along with all kinds of stickers, an alpha punch set, everything they need except adhesive. I am sure the facility can supply some glue sticks. :d
Well, here ar a couple of layouts I did using the kit. I need to get the pictures up on the site, and start selling! It really is a fun kit. Here are a couple of pictures of the kit itself too.:D


Anonymous said...

Fantastic stuff, Shell! And hope your mom recovers soon. Hugs to you and her. ---teri

Kathie Ashmore said...

Love the layout with our old Christmas card! Sorry I couldn't make it when you got together to crop last time. I hope to see you soon!!