Sunday, September 09, 2007

Went to Rock Jam last night

Whoo Hoo! so much fun! ds was mad at me cause we wouldn't take him with. I just can't see trying to keep track of him amognst 50,000 people, just wouldn't work.

now there was a long list of players, but I only went to see Styx, Foreigner, and Def Leppard. They were all really good, but I think the best was Foreigner== they were not the headliner, so they didn't play as long as I would have liked, but oh man!

Talk about a blast from the past. :D

I will post pictures tomorrow. Had such a great time. Went with some friends from Utah, I so enjoyed their visit! They came out for the weekend, and I just loved it, I haven't had company like that in ages.

Getting out of the parking lot was a bit of an ordeal, we sat in complete gridlock for over 45 minutes. didn't get that. some people were 4 wheelin it over the dunes, and to the freeway, without an onramp-- I was almost ready to.

so more later! :d

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