Sunday, September 16, 2007

wild horses

BLM are going to sell off the wild horses here. It really makes me sad. Grand Junction (my town) and the little bookcliffs are only one of 3 places in the entire united states that has a place specifically for wild horses. It is protected. IT is soooo beautiful!!!! Here is a website that tells a bit about it.

ok, so they have these beautiful horses, and I saw on the news last night that the blm is going to be auctioning off some of them to control the population. I read somewhere that that is bogus= it is because some of the local farmers that let their cows range on blm land are afraid there will not be enough grazing land for their cows (they pay BLM) if there are to many horses.

I need to get up on the garfield and get some pictures before they are half gone. :(

I think BLM just found another way to make money. It would be different if the monies were used to help support the protection of the horses, but alais, it is not.

(hey, what is to prevent anyone from going up there and just "taking" a horse? ) I am sure that has happened before, I dunno. I am just sad, that this little bit of nature near me is being sold off to make money for the blm. (ok, I am just rambling, lol) anyway--

not alot going on this sunday night, but the horses were on my mind. beautiful, just beautiful.
So, I guess if you want a wild horse, you can come here and pick yourself one up.


Stacy Armstrong ~ Come on in, The Studio is Open ~ said...

We have wild horses on Cumberland Island State Park, just off the coast of Georgia. They are federally protected. It so weird to see wild horses on the beach!!
That really bothers me that they auction the horses off. Doesn't seem quite right

Anonymous said...

The Little Book Cliff horses are protected and there are no cattle grazing on the horse range. The cattle do graze on areas outside the horse range, but not on it. There is also no drilling on the horse range. There is a group of volunteers that keep track of the mustangs and know a lot about them. Check out The horses that were adopted went to good homes, the Friends of the Mustangs volunteers check on the horses. Some of out horses went to Gateway Canyons resort, some were sent to a sanctuary to live out the rest of their lives in freedom. Just wanted to let you know about theses magnificent animals. Also, there are very strict laws about just "taking" one of these horses off the range and since there are people up there checking on them frequently ( I usually go at least 2-3 times a week) it would be noticed right away.