Friday, September 21, 2007


Friday the 21st. I worked last night, I must sleep all day, so I can work tongiht- and ds is out of school today. Hopefully he won't come in my bedroom every 5 minutes to ask me a quick question. ;D Kids, they just don't get it. I have to threaten him with his life not to wake me!

No scrappy time this week, until after the weekend. :(

We plan on going up on the mesa tomorrow-- I so hope the colors have changed so I can get some pretty fall pictures. It is usually the 3rd week in sept. so we will see. Last year, it snowed before the colors changed, so it went from summer to winter! I was so irritated. :p

ok, just killin a bit of time before bed. they will post a new assignment on today, but I don't know if I made it into the next round yet or not-- hope so!! guess I will find out when I get up. night!~


Fink said...

I sure hope you get your sleep! I know how you can be when you don't. LOL

Stacy Armstrong said...

Oh Gosh....I hate working Friday nights because Saturday the kids are always waking me up every 2 minutes......."I'm hungry, I'm bored, she took my stuff, he hit me"....I get really cranky!!! Hope it worked out for you!! LOL

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