Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oh Yay

Today I get to see my loveable 9 year old. I haven't really "seen" him in almost 3 weeks! 3 weeks ago, I was on a work stretch and my mom took him. Then my sister wanted him for a couple of weeks before school started. (She lives 6 hours away) So he went there, and I couldn't see him on my 8 days off. It was really lonely. He came home saturday, and I saw him for maybe 10 minutes at my friends-- they were having a BBQ, and my parents went to it, I stopped in before work. (on another 6 day stretch). Then yesterday, my dad brought my car to me (it had a flat at work, and he fixed it for me, and drove it back to my house, he is so sweet) and Brad came in for 5 minutes to say hi to the dog. (uh, remember me, your mother?)
So last night was my last night on my work stretch, and now I am off for 8 days-- yippee! I really missed him!!!!

Dh is in California doing some work for his sister. She is paying really well, and he gets a good visit out of it, but man-- we need him! I don't like shipping off ds to grandma's, he wants to be home, I had to mow the lawn (horrors) and ended up with 2 blisters to boot. So I guess I kind of miss him too. :D
It will be worth it when he gets home. ;)
So anyway, dh doesn't come home until next monday, he has been gone since august 2nd. I sure miss my little boy though, can't wait for him to get out of school today!

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