Sunday, August 19, 2007

So I was talking with a co-worker last night

and we were talking about depression, or not necessarily depression, but the lack of motivation we feel to do anything. That is me right now. That was her a month ago. She went and got some cymbaltya, (or how ever you spell it) and she said "now i go out on the patio in the morning, and drink my coffee, the world is wonderful" She no longer has those days where you just would rather spend them in bed (me) and has ambition to get things done. I think I must try this! I hate meds-- I have trouble taking my thyroid every day because I am just not a pill taker, but I am thinking, I need to do something. :D

On another note, I did 2 layouts for my dt CX, and loved one, hated the other! why can you scrap a really great page, and turn around and scrap a crappy one after it? I guess I only have enough muse for one, lol. Here is the one I did for this months assignment-- (shhhhh, sneak peak, lol)

And here is another one I really really liked, but it was a total case layout-- but I am not submitting it anywhere, so who cares?

The blue one is for my dt, the pink for me. :D


HollyCroteau said...

Hey! I just saw your post on 2 peas about the celebritys... do you live in Montrose? That is where I used to live! So just wondering!!! I lived there and Ridgway for about 10 yrs. :)

Dettao said...

Love your layouts.

Stampin' Meg said...

Oh my -that scrolly work on the beach one is gorgeous, Shellie.