Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The scrappy world-- don't steal.

ok, I am a very outspoken person. Two of my friends (that I know of, there is probably more) had their scrappy images down right stolen off their blogs, and uploaded into a DT gallery , claiming it was her own work. Now I have taken it upon myself to expose this lady. Is that bad? Other people knew it, but no one wants to say anything for some reason. Not me, I will call you out. Does that make me a bitch?

I am really a kind person that believes everything you tell me unless there is something to the contrarey. (see pervious post on blog) but if I feel passionate about something, I can blurt things out, ad people may take them the wrong way-- but do know I do have a kind heart, lol.

ok, back to the topic at hand. I just don't understand these people. why do they do it? "Steal" other peoples work? I don't get it. Here is a post I posted on 2peas (cause I know lots of people go there-- and I am sure there are others besides these 2), so tell me what you think-- did I step over the line cause it wasn't my work? These are my fellow DT friends, and I just heart them. :D Oh, and I posted at the giraffe site too, but I am sure they will delete it.
Here is the link.


Tam said...

It doesn't make you a bad person. I am so glad that you exposed her stealing. It is unbelievable that someone would do that and actually think they can get away with it!

Rebekah said...

im glad you exposed chara... i was on the DT at SGK with one of my closest friends, and Chara was a KEY reason we both quit!! I am so sorry she stole from your friends, but maybe now she will learn her lesson.

Stampin' Meg said...

I am totally with you 100%, Shellie.I beleive in calling wrong do-ers out too. By just ignoring a situation , IMHO, is the same as condoning it.I drive DH crazy because I won't let things slide either- he's always like " is it really worth it"? ANd I tell him yes- you need to stand up for what it right instead of just being a jellyfish and opting for the path of least resistance!