Saturday, June 02, 2007

It's Saturday! Love me the weekend off. :D

Not doing much today, thought I would try and upload some pictures to sams club, then maybe shop and go pick them up later.

I mentioned to my dad I was looking for a new car. I WANT a hybrid ford escape, in vista blue, with of coarse fully loaded. Do you think any dealers have this? NOoooooooooooooooo-- it's either missing a cool feature that I want- like the GPS system, or it's not a hybrid.

Well, my dad has taken it upon himself to find me one. eiyiyiyi-- dad, I am only THINKING about it- I don't like all these dealers calling me. (they are like vultures I tell you)

He means well, but I am really ambivilant about this, I really don't want a car payment!!!! Plus, they wont give me a think for my beautiful explorer- albeight it is 9 years old. :D

Here is a picture (oh wow, first one on this blog? I need to update more, lol) of my pretty little princess Peaches. Isn't she cute?
ok, well all for now, maybe I can put some time into this thing, and really get it going. (hee hee, I keep saying that.
OH, I almost forgot-- is having a big contest. It is their 3rd annual showdown at the playground. You can win some really cool pizes if you join. We have had some amazing talent in the years past. Come join it! you have nothing to lose. :D then go to the fourms, and then to field day for the contest info.

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