Saturday, June 30, 2007


love me some saturdays when I don't have anything to do. :D They make me happy!

So I am sitting here printing some pictures for one of my assignments at (such a fun site, come visit!) and thought I would pop in.

This months assignment is to do 5 photo strips on a page, telling a story. eiyiyi! ok, so I do have an idea, we will see how it turns out.

surfing the web, but I am bored. Do you sit at the computer, and get bored? I mean there is so much to do out there, so many places to visit, but I get bored with the whole thing.

Iv'e gotten lazy with my scrapping too. if I have a vision in my head, I just want it to be done- sometimes the layout just takes to long, or I will try a short cut, and then not like the layout. ever do that? I used to be so technique heavy. I guess it is because I just don't have the time anymore-

Sometimes it's cause I can't find what i am looking for. I hate that. my scraproom is semi-organized, but I can never find that one thing.......

ok, so I will share a layout I did for my first assignment- it was to be a layout with an earthy feel. what do you think? it doesn't have to be about an earthy subject, just using earthy colors. I used crate paper kate collection, and wouldn't you know it? they are out of it at the CX store, so unless they reorder, I may have to do this one over. dang.
ok, that's all for now, my pictures are done printing.

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