Tuesday, July 31, 2007


well, I am making n appointment with the Dr. in the morning. I have reached a level of depression that I have not known before, and I am ot likeing it. The thing is, I am still functioning, and I KNOW it can get much worse!!!

DH and I had a huge, and I mean huge fight. He is going to california to do some work for his sister (not what the fight was about) and left this am. I have given him the cold shoulder for 2 days, and was glad to see him go. how sad is that?
I do love him, I just don't like him lately. I told him to rethink his life while he was out there, and I would do the same. (I am heartless when i am pissed)

Anyway, it is not just that. It is the whole daisey thing, it is how I really don't like my job right now (although going back to work sounds better than staying home right now) and it is me.

Truly depressing blog, lololol.

OK, on the better side of things-- I did send off my entry to MMM. Postmarked yesterday- so we will see. I don't expect to win, but I would love for my wish layout to get picked up so I get it back, I really loved it! Most the time, you do a layout for these contests, love the layouts, send them off, then hate the layouts, and wish for a redo. But not that layout, I still love it!!! (insert smiley face here)
So I have had the last 3 days to scrap, and have just sat around watching TV. boring. haven't felt like scrapping either. I have 1 more day off, and I will scrap, if it kills me!
My sister is going to take ds on the 6th for a couple of weeks, so I will be alone. dh does not come home until the end of the month.
I have been invited to a crop in salt lake city, and I happen to have that weekend off! I will get to meet my good friend from CX dt Teri (terishere) and meet up with a couple of other girls on the team that I cropped with in april. I think I will be going if ds goes to my sisters house.

OK, well, I am going to bed, ds is whining to be tucked in. :D I love he still needs that.


Anonymous said...

Hey girl!

Thinking of you today. I've done the depression thing and I'm so glad you're gonna talk to the Dr. about it. Hugs to you!


Lainey said...

Aww Shellie, I hope things are looking up for you soon. I'm really sorry about daisey.

Stampin' Meg said...

Trying- to blast a lil' beam of sunlight though that dark cloud surrounding you!
I hope the Dr. can help.