Friday, July 06, 2007

Vacation Time

oh yeah baby, I am on vacation!!

Feels so good not to have to worry about going into work! Wed. we drove over to Denver, and made the rockies game. We stayed at the Hyatt--oh lala, what a sweet hotel! I just wish we had more hotel time, it was N_I_C_E!! except their coffee sucked. :D Rockies won 17-10, and they had a great 4th of july fireworks show afterwards.

We are leaving for California on monday. I have 2 pages to scrap before then (assignments) and then I HAVE to finish up my MMM entry if I plan on entering. I so don't know. hmmmmm

I have an idea for a page now, so maybe I better go work on that. Here is a lame page I did last night, I had this great vision, and of coarse it turned out nothing like I envisioned. I hate when that happens, but it is done.

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