Thursday, July 26, 2007

Long day at work

Well, I woke up late--had to be to a class by 730 am, and didn't get up until 10 till 7. UGG! No shower, ran got my clothes on and out the door. I had to go to TNCC today, Trauma Nurse Core Course. It's actually a fun coarse, but 8 1/2 hours in a class, makes a long day.
So I have so much to do. I want to finish up a layout, but don't feel like it, I need to get moving as it was going to be one for MMM if I even end up entering, lol we will see.

Ds is obsessed with computer games all of a sudden. I had to put a 2 hour limit on his playing, or he would spend all day on it. He has been getting a little chunky--probably due to that thing! he is screaming now that something is wrong with it, so I better go see, lol

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Wendy Malichio said...

Hey Shellie! Hope you finish up and enter, you've got one heck of a shot there girl!!!! You can do it!