Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vacation day 7

OK, this really ticks me off. I am sitting here at starbucks in mesquite, and it appears they have now started charging for internet!!!! What happened to free internet for users?

So I am writing this in word pad, and will upload it later. harumph!!!
so it appears casa blanca is not as lucky for me as the virgin was, I lost 100.00 last night. makes me mad I didn't pack it up sooner, but oh well, they will not get the money I won, they wont!
On the way here it was kind of funny. This guy comes blazing past us with cop lights and sirens-- making everyone pull over so he could pass. He was in a red F250 truck that said UTAH highway patrol. um, why is utah running code 3 thru nevada? So dh starts following him, doing about 90 miles an hour, and this guy clears the path, lol. so there we are driving a long, keeping up, and all of a sudden he slows down and pulls over to the right lane. Starts waving John to pull over. John is like-- no way, I am not gonna pass this guy, lol. so he sticks his head out the window, and yells pull over. DH shakes his head no. so he gives us the hand stop sign, and yells SLOW DOWN!!!! and takes off again, speeding up to 90-100 mph. I told john to hang back do the speed limit, the guy will probably call the nevada highway patrol on us, and try and give us a ticket. So we watch him, and he continues on his way, going code 3. then we can't see him anymore. About 10 miles up the road, there he is, HE was pulled over by the Nevada highway patrol!!! Laughing my ass off, should have seen this guy trying to talk his way out of a ticket. We just waved as we went by. ohhhhh, the sweet satisifaction we felt on that one!!!!
virgin river, but I think the attitudes go with it, lol. Virgin river just has a more homey feel to it. plus I seem to win over there. I think I will stay there next time even if the rooms are not quite as nice. I feel like riff raff here, lololol.
Speaking of riff raff, my bil and sil are very up-peaty. I mean love them dearly, but bil seems like his s)*% don't stink when it comes to other people. They have money, like the finer things in life, and were very hospitiable to us, but I also felt like I couldn't leave anything out. They had some friends over on the last night we were there for dinner. VERY NICE people. they used to be neighbors. bil kept putting down the guy, and he would do it as a joke, but I mean, it really was excessive. I thought, no wonder these people don't come to visit often. I was talking to the lady Joy, sweet lady. she said they sold at the wrong time, their house used to be next door. they sold about 10 years ago for 200,000. Their old house is on the market now, as the people are going thru a divorce, and it is "offered" for 889,000. Not only that, it is listed CHEAP for a qauick sale. They are still kicking theirselves over that one. lol.
Anyway, they don't have alot of money, are just average folks, and I just got the feeling bil let him know it when ever he could. BUT on the good side, bil is very knowledge about finances and such. he is going to hlep us with some long term investments with annunities and such. I have a old retirement just sitting there not making any money cause I don't work for the place anymore, so they won't administer the account. bil said he would do it for me. that is his job, securities, and insurance, etc. so maybe he can help me make it grow. :D He also said people make a mistake when they sit on equity in there house. He said if you take out a low interest load, or refinance pulling out all the equity (only if you plan on NOT moving for awhile) you should buy an annunity with the equity for your house. it is compounded daily, and you can get more interest off the annunity long term than you will pay on the long term loan. In 12 years, your money will be doubled, and you can pay off your house, or what ever then. That seems a little more risky to me, and will have to check it out before we do anything like that, but the cocept and the way he explained it sounds great. uh, but he is a salesman, lol.
ok, dh is up and around, so I guess I will save this, and upload later. it is 830 am nevada time, and I am thinking I already need a nap, lol

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