Friday, July 20, 2007

Really kind of a hard day for me.

dh left for gunnison to finish a job. Brad had a friend over. I spent the day going through old papers looking for the pink slip (why do they call them that anyway?) to the PT Cruiser. I could not find it anywhere!!!! I want to sell it ASAP, I just cannot bring it back to this house.

So, I think I must save every friken paper I get in the mail. what a pack rat I am. I mean, I am goinjg through stuff since year 1997. I decided while I was at it, I would get rid of it. Well, all of it had personal info on it. I thought about putting it all in a pile, and setting it on fire, lol. But NOoooooo, I spent 3 hours rippping it all to shreds.

I bought a paper shredder a few years ago with the intention of getting rid of all this crap. It was a cheap one, and I think I paid 40 bucks for it. It didn't last but maybe 100 sheets, then poped out. ripoff. So I ripped all this stuff up today, being ever so careful there were no numbers, bank info, etc. if there was, I tor it and tore it agaijn. Man my aching fingers!!!!

So, I go to sams club tonite, and back in the clearance section is this heavy duty shredder!! arugggggg! regularly about 129.00, marked out for 50 bucks. I bought it. I figure I will need to shread again, lol.

I have been thinking of daisey an awful lot today. all the whys, and ifs, I need to stop that! anyone have any suggestions?? I know there are people way worse off than I, that have lost loved ones, and internet aquaintance just last night lost her mother. I feel so bad for her.

Why does grieving make you think about other things in your life? I mean, it really does, and lets you know how fragile it really is. Life is soo so short in the grand scheme of things. Yesterday I was 20, tomorrow I will be 60. Blink of an eye. I want to do so much, yet I don't want to do anything. Ever feel that way?

ok, getting to deep- going to go watch bones on tv. :p

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