Wednesday, July 11, 2007

vacation day 3

today I had to take the car over to a local ford dealer to get the air cond. fixed. It worked part of the time on the way here, but then would go out. man--it got hot-- 113 outside, and here we are with no air. I told dh, well, now we kind of know what daisey felt like. :(.
We bought some spray bottles to spray ourselfs down with, and that helped.
So of coarse, it is working fine when I take it to the dealer. I got a cheap little ford focus rental car from enterprise.

Let me tell you a little something about them. They didn't even bother vacuuming out the car from the previous renters. There were cigarette burns in the seats, and crumbs all over the seat, and drive stick. It reeked of cheap mens colone, and made me sick driving it back to bil's house. Man, can't they even gvie them a fast wash job in between customers? really irritates me.

So, I didn't tell, but when we stayed in mesquite night before last, I went down to the bar. I thought, I will have one glass of wine, to wind down, and play 20 bucks on the video poker machine. I get there, and someone had just won the royal flush. I thought-- oh well, it's not like I am going to win anyway, so I sat down, and started playing.

dh had taken brad to the pool, so there i am, and I was winning alot of little hands, like a couple of full houses, worth 40 coins, and putting it back in. I was there maybe 10-15 minutes, and.... I HIT A ROYAL!!!!! Yep, it paid again. I let a scream out, scared the guy sitting next to me, lol. So I won 1,040.00. If it is under 1200.00, you don't have to report it to the IRS-- which is good, because I am sure I have lost more than that over the years, lol.
I felt kind of eurphoric for mabye 10 minutes. then the heaviness of losing daisy settled right back in, and I was like, oh, big deal.

I hate this.

I am glad though, it will almost pay for this vacation when we are done. and one of the best parts too is we got the room free already, cause we came on a coupoun, and we have another coupoun to get a room free for on the way back~! :)

Today is just a day of sitting by the pool, watching brad swim. John went to go play golf with a friend of his out here, so, we are just relaxing. The maids are here cleaning the house, lol. oh the lap of luxury--people actually live this way. I tell you, sil and bil house looks like a model home, professionally decorated, and very clean. Nothing like my house, but I sure would like to be able to acheive this look.

Marble counters and floors, faux painted walls with beautiful art work on them, beautiful furnature that looks like it will last a long time. You get what you pay for I guess. I think I need to take some pictures just to show you what I mean, lol.

My house looks to plain and lived in I guess.

Anyway, I think I will put my suit on, and take a swim, so, more later.

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