Thursday, July 19, 2007


uneventful trip home, except we had a tire blow out. ok, 138.00 later, we were back on the road. Stopped at the park, and again in green river.
So, a 6 hour trip took us 8 1/2 hours, lol.

Today was spent unpacking, laundry, shopping, and scrapping. I recieved a kit in the mail from 2daisies for their design team tryout. It was due the 19th! ok, this is the 19th, lol. So I did do a page, and a mini book word bloom, but I haven't finished it yet. Still have the journaling.
so now, I still have that to do tomorrow, gotta go to sam's, and return mom and dad's car.
I really don't want to pick up the cruiser, I think I will leave it over there.

So dh is having a hard time. I hate that he won't share his grief. He says he is fine, but then talks about how he has to get out of here. really makes me even more down.
He is leaving tomorrow to finish a job in gunnison. Maybe he needs the space, I dunno.

I have a ton to do before going back to work, thank goodness Tiffany is going to work for me tomorrow--one extra day for me, yeah!

Just bought the movie Premonition with sandra bulluck-- strange movie. hmmm, jury's still out on this one.

ok, well, maybe I can write more later- gonna finish this movie, then off to bed.

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