Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bored Bored, Bored.

oi vey, today was so boring. Didn't feel like doing a darn thing! Dh was no help, Mr. Sunshine, who usually is on the go and a go get em, decided today was a good day to veg in front of the TV.

So I thought I would scrap. Well, I did one page, and called it good. Didn't feel like doing any more, even though I had the time-- can you believe it?

Took dh out to dinner tonight for his birthday-- got a nice surprize. It seems the people behind us knew me, and paid for our drinks. They left before I even knew who it was! How thoughtful. I have no clue if it is someone I work with, or what, but that was really sweet of them.-Nothing going on- I have to work wed. night, and thurs night, so dh and ds will go to my parents for dinner, and I will have dinner at work. at least they feed us for free that night. :D

I do need to mail some things off, but other than that- nothing scrappy wise going on.

OH, I did find out that my online friend Jeanne started her own website. It is invite only, and uh, I didn't get one. So I guess I am not as good as friend as I thought. :0. I don't know what the deal is, she is mad about something at scrapbookplayground, but I am still not sure what. Another member said she didn't get some RAK given by another DT member-- not even SBP, and somehow, jeanne got into it? Posted on the board about it. The thing was, is the RAK was sent out, the gal said she didn't get it, and asked the person giving the RAK for not only the RAK, but something extra because she had to wait for the RAK. UM, RAK is just a gift out of kindness--I think it is rude to ask for more. Anyway, said DT member sent out another RAK to the person,l but Jeanne got all upset because people asked why she was even involved. I dunno-- that is what I gathered-- but there are 2 sides to every story.

So anyway, Jeanne started a new board, and is trying to take all the people who frequent SBP to it. pettyiness. I don't get it. SBP and Wendi the owner has always ried to be fair, and very generous with prizes. Lots of people want something for nothing, I guess.

Oh well, I am just rambling now, and I think I will just go to bed. :D

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Fink said...

Hey there lady! Just stopped by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!