Wednesday, November 07, 2007

OH Yeouch--Where have I been?

Gosh, I haven't updated in like forever huh?
Probably because I live a boring life, and don't have a whole heck of a lot to say. :D

Well, I finally got my new car-- 2008 Ford Escape. I guess I should go take a picture of it, and do a layout. ;) I still need to sell my PT Cruiser- it is a matter of getting off my butt and putting an ad in the paper.

I got a rise at work! Whhoo hoo, it totals out to be about 3.00 an hour-- hey that will make my truck payment now. :D

I went to the DR. and got myself on Cymbalta. I have taken it for about a week, I really don't notice much difference except I am requiring more sleep. hmmmm, like I have time for that. Really, I need like at least 8 hours a night, and I have even taken a nap inbetween for like an hour. Seriously cutting into my free time.

I go back to work tomorrow for another week on straight. I sure do dread these-- but the week off makes it worth it- especially when you do nights- it takes a full day to recover, so I would rather only revcover once a week instead of more.

My Nephew had a baby a couple of weeks ago. He got to come home from Iraq for 10 days when the baby was born. He is back now, praying that he stays safe. But that means---- BABY PICTURES!!! whoo hoo!! :D OK, I did a couple of layouts, but seriously, my Neice in law is going to have to be on the stick more, and take more pics, lol. Here a are a few I did.

Baby pics are just so much fun! The fancy pants calandar is my favorite, lol.

Well, we have a new addition too-- Holly. She really isa sweet dog, she is already leash trained, and will sit when you tell her. She loves chew toys, and likes to stay close. Brad is so set that this will be "his dog". He is so afraid that the dog will like dh better, lol. (Daisey was definately dh's dog) So he has been feeding her, and playing with her-- alot. She does like to follow him around when he is home, otherwise she sticks close to me. here is a layout I did- this was on a visit to the pound before we were able to take her home.

Well, day before yesterday I spent the better part of the day organizing my layouts into albums. I have not done this since 2004!!!! can you believe it? I had stacks all over the place, in the closet, in 3 ring binders, blah blah blah. So I got them all in albums except for 3. I have to go to hobby lobby now and get some post extenders so I can get those together before they end up all over, lol. Maybe I should go do that now-- that and get the licence plate for my car. gotta get moving!


Anonymous said...

Hey Shellie! Whoa, dude. You've been a busy gal! Congrats on the new niece, new pup, new car and raise! And best of luck with the albums. I don't envy you one bit! :) ;) hugs, teri

Memawsboy said...

I agree you have been busy. I like the Fancy Pants paper too. great layouts.

Michelle said...

I am so loving your layouts. I can't believe you find time to do them when you are so busy with other things.