Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday- a day off!

Well, this is my normal weekend to work, but they switched my schedule around a bit to accomdate the holiday.
Kinda glad, it is nice to work only 3 days, and have a couple off, then work 3. Don't want to do it all the time, I enjoy the week on week off to much. :D Especially when you work nights-- it takes a day to recover when your off.

So even thought I was off today, I had to go back to the hospital, because my mom is a patient. Her electrolytes are all off, and it was causeing heart papations, and a rythym called atrial fibrilation. Sigh, It is so worrisome when your parents are getting older, and having health problems. She is doing ok, she may come home monday if they can get her lytes back to normal.

Tomorrow we are going to pull out all the christmas decorations and decorate. I was dreading it, but now I am kinda excited-- maybe this cymbalta is kicking in! :D

I joined the biggest loser challenge at creativexpress. Kind of fun, we all send in 10 bucks, and who ever loses the most percentage of weight by jan. 1st wins the pot. I had went to the Dr. 3 weeks ago, and he upped my thyroid-- I aven't changed my eating habits, but in spite, I have lost 12 pounds! FINALLY! I gained 50 freaken pounds when my thyroid took a dump, and it has been 3 years trying to regulate the meds to catch up. never could get it theraputic, cause they increase it ever so slow. Well, i finally see my real dr., not the PA, or a sub, and he ups it to where it should probaby should be. Now I am finally losing. I feel like I might have an unfair advantage, lol, cause if I TRY to lose along with a working thyroid, then I may lose a ton. :D I don't care about winning, I am just glad some of this weight will come off. :D

Well, haven't really scrapped, so I can't share any creations this month. I am going to bring my cricut to work, and we are going to decorate the door for a door deco contest-- should be fun. I will take a pic when we are done, maybe next week- or the week after.

Getting into the christmas spirt, but haven't shopped yet. Any ideas for a 9 year old boy? Taht don't cost over 100 bucks? Everything Brad wants is expensive-- I need to figure out a limit.

Well, gotta go for now. :d

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Fink said...

I am glad to hear that your mom will be going home soon! It sure is hard when they get older. Have fun decorating and enjoy your weekend.